After Yasi Book Launch and Blog Tour

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After Yasi: Finding the Smile Within

IMAGINE your house being ripped apart by cyclonic winds?

What would you do?

MEET June Perkins indigenous author as she launches After Yasi: Finding the Smile Within. After Yasi shares true survival stories of Cyclone Yasi which destroyed communities on the Cassowary Coast, Far North Queensland in 2011.

June Perkins launches her book, as part of her worldwide Blog Tour. June is a writer friend of mine from Write Links group Brisbane. June is not only an author but she’s an awesome photographer, journalist and digital story teller.


June Perkins indigenous author

What happens after a cyclone?
As a survivor of bullying and mental illness and a resilience author, I was interested in how June and her community survived their ordeal with coping skills and resilience. So I interviewed June to find out…

1. How do children and families recover from a natural disaster?

“A vital aspect of our recovery, immediately after the cyclone was incredible acts of spontaneous kindness from others, many who did not live in our local area. They helped us recover our goods from our cyclone torn house, gave us quilts they had personally made and sent care packs. Later we needed to repay these kind strangers as soon as we were on our feet again. This gave us a great sense of dignity.

Our children coped with the devastation by focusing on the needs of our pet guinea pigs. They found thinking of their needs, cuddling and feeding them during storms in the months and years after, empowering.

Our family connected with neighbours, friends, and extended family through stories, music, art and sport. People told their survival stories to each other, each story touching their hearts and lives.

Years later, when you met locals it was ‘ What happened to you during Yasi?’

2. What can natural disasters teach us about creating resilience?

“It’s important to keep physically and mentally healthy during the recovery process as Pam says in my book, ‘be gentle’ to each other. Everyone travels at their own pace to recovery. Patience and love are vital, including with oneself.

As nature greens itself and children and families see this physical renewal they feel their inner recovery. Observing the environment come back to life, triggers emotional and spiritual healing within. Nature is a symbol and an emblem for what human communities can achieve socially. We CAN regenerate.”

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After Yasi Blog Schedule 2015

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Feb 30 Jedda Bradley
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Feb 3 Online launch date
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After Yasi is an extraordinary book filled with survival stories, colour photos, video interviews and so much more.
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