Steve Tyrrell Author

Steve Tyrrell Author


After a life in corporate business, Steve Tyrrell author now creates and publishes children’s books with wife, Karen Tyrrell.  Karen and Steve are award-winning authors and speakers of humourous, adventurous books …

  1. Steve wrote a NARRATIVE NON-FICTION for children, ‘TEN POUND POMMY KID’ on his family’s emigration journey from the UK to Australia as a twelve-year-old boy. Wise-cracking Steve faced many challenges before calling Australia home.

Little Steve Tyrrell emigrant to Aus

  1. TEN POUND POMMY KID was Shortlisted in the JWFK Pitch-It Competition 2022.

Judge 1: I love the comparison titles and I’m sure it will spark many conversations between children and their immigrant grandparents.

Judge 2: An exploration of a child’s life in the ‘swinging sixties’ sounds appealing. It sounds like the author is tackling a lot with this one and I wonder if a balance can be struck between historically informative and age-appropriately entertaining – I hope so! Swags of potential!


Runner-Up in JWFK in the Pitch-It Competition 2022.

Judge 1: I feel like this has so much potential, particularly the graffiti angle. I’d love to see how it is explored.

Judge 2: This is a STRONG pitch, and gives the sense that the author knows the target reader well and is crafting something fresh and original – A redemption story that brings elements of complex family relationships in a far-flung alternate reality – heck yeah!

Steve Tyrrell Children’s Author

Steve is an energetic children’s author, performer and publisher, co-working at Digital Future Press. Steve co-authored the Song Bird Superhero series, about a bullied girl who becomes empowered, teaching children how to stop the bully and care for the environment.

Steve wrote all the Destructo eco-villain chapters.

Karen & Steve’s book Song Bird: Rainforest Rescue is shortlisted for Speech Pathology Australia Book of the Year, 2019. Sir David Attenborough sent a letter of support for Song Bird Great Barrier Reef Rescue.

Steve Tyrrell Author

Steve as Rainforest Man from Song Bird Rainforest Rescue

Steve Tyrrell performer

Recently, Steve Tyrrell author creates literary and costumed characters.   They include the evil environmental villain Destructo, Rainforest Man, Ocean Boy, Reef Man and Super Bee. He co-presents reader’s theatre and pantomimes to schools, libraries and festivals.

Children love our superhero, fantasy, adventure and picture books all underpinned with empowerment, coping and resilience strategies. Our current passion is the preservation of the environment, our latest book series is about a young superhero fighting adversity to save bees, trees and seas.

We facilitate resilience wellness skill development workshops for schools, pre-schools and the community.

Steve as Super Bee: The Battle of Bug World

As avid anti-bully advocates we support and participate in Queensland based school programs on campus. We tailor children’s writing workshops for new and aspiring authors. We have the most FUN when we pantomime our books bringing the characters to life, for children at schools & festivals.’

Our students were engaged in the entertaining pantomime and drawn in by the author’s character portrayals in the book readings.  We would be keen to have both Karen and Steve Tyrrell back to present student workshops. NVSS is thrilled to have signed copies of the Song Bird Series books available for the children to borrow.”  –Principal, Norfolk Village State School, 2018

Please book Karen & Steve Tyrrell through Speakers Ink or Greenleaf Agency.


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