How to Pitch to Publishers

publish colourWOOHOO! I finally pitched three manuscripts to Publishers!

My name is Karen Tyrrell, award winning author of four resilience books for adults and children.

FIRST I developed my new stories to the highest possible publishing standard— written with passion and energy. I critiqued, rewrote, tweaked, formatted and had them professionally edited to perfection… over months AND years !!

Now it’s time to face my FEARS, be BRAVE and take action!

I presented my manuscripts with a front page including my name, address, contact details, genre and word count. They were formatted in Times Roman 12 font, doubled spaced with a header including title, author, and numbered pages.

I MUST launch my books into the publishing world!

How to Pitch to Publishers

1. RESEARCH your dream publishers, ones who match your genre, themes and word count. Research their books which are similar to yours. Locate the submission guidelines on their website.

2. FOLLOW the exact submission guidelines to a T developing a “perfect” manuscript and a KILLER synopsis. READ How to Write a Killer Synopsis.

3. CREATE a KICK ASS query letter that’s irresistible to publishers …

300-x-250-get-publishedHow to Write a KICK ASS Query Letter

1. INTRODUCE yourself explaining why you contacted  each particular publisher. Mention if  you’ve met or have a connection.

2. HOOK a publisher with your most captivating elevator pitch or Logline emphasizing the conflict between protagonist and antagonist until your hero achieves their goal.

3.  SHARE your best book information including genre, word count, intended readership, book themes and comparative titles to the publisher.

4.  PITCH your author bio highlighting your awards, publications, writing and speaking credentials and author platform.

5.  INVITE the publisher to contact you leaving all your contact details.

Send off your KICK ASS query letter and manuscript via email or via post following submission guidelines exactly.

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I finally faced my fears, and launched three children’s books into the publishing universe, feeling terrified and exhilerated at the same time …


NEW resilience Children’s books are searching for homes in the publishing world.

  • One humorous sci-fi adventure novel …
  •  Two unrelated picture books with different themes, settings and characters   …

Can you please transmit positive Book Karma out to the universe?

What publishing tips resonated with you?

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