A children’s publisher requested Josh and the It, my kids’ sci-fi chapter book
I turned a query letter into a request for my manuscript.

For the last month I’ve researched children’s publishers, pouring over the writer’s bible, Australian Writers Marketplace, and publisher’s websites including their submission guidelines.
I discovered my manuscript was too short for that age group, 7-10 years.
So I rewrote Josh and the It, amping up existing scenes, adding a new scene or two, boosting my word count.

In my research, I discovered publishers, who had published similar books to mine with an action adventure sci-fi theme. Books with similar age groups and word counts. I also asked writer friends which publishers would be interested in kid’s sci-fi. Funny enough, their suggestions matched my research.
I had a list of four. But one publisher stood out above them all as my most likely candidate. Leonie Tyle of Woolshed Press had kindly recommended her as ‘a good fit.’

Next I developed an irresistible query email that would get that publisher’s attention, including the following …

•    An elevator pitch of my book with an enticing book blurb, a statement of genre, word count and the market.

•    I explained my writing credits and why I wrote the book in the most positive light I could.

•    In the final paragraph, I included specific details about that publisher’s preferences and similar books published by them.

Within an hour, I received a reply requesting I send Josh and the It to that publisher via email.

I raced upstairs and did a victory lap around the house. Not once but twice.
I couldn’t believe it.

The next day, after double-checking my documents I sent her my cover letter, the full manuscript, a personalized book proposal and a resume. Within ten minutes she replied, promising she’ll get back to me soon.
Woo hoo!

What now?
I’m keeping as busy as I can, brainstorming and mind mapping Book 2 of the Space Kids series.

Please universe, grant me this one wish.
That this publisher will be the one.

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