Ready Set Discover Logan Pantomime

ready Set Discover Logan Pantomime

Ready Set Discover Logan Pantomime

Recently, I won a BEMAC (Brisbane Multicultural Arts Centre) grant to create a YouTube pantomime.

It’s based on my picture book, READY SET DISCOVER LOGAN, using costumes, props, puppets, special effects and FUN!


Ready Set Discover Logan Pantomime

WHO: Karen Tyrrell & Steve Tyrrell won  a BEMAC grant.

WHAT:  Through pantomime, we explore Logan’s TOP attractions: parks, environments, history and wildlife.

Steve plays aboriginal boy Bunji. I perform as newly-arrived girl Yana.

WHY:   I created Ready Set Discover Logan Pantomime  for Logan children  to enjoy online.

We share positive messages about Logan as an eco-destination, urban green space within a harmonious community.

Karen and Steve utilized costumes, props and comedy to encourage children to explore Logan.  Seven places are highlighted in the pantomime. Includes: Logan River Parklands, Riverdale Park, Darlington Parklands, Berrinba Wetlands and MORE.

WATCH:  My YouTube pantomime with costumes, puppets, props and special effects  HERE

Create YouTube Pantomimes

WHY did I Create YouTube Pantomimes?

  • Recharge my creativity during COVID 19.
  • Share my books with children.
  • To let schools know I present pantomimes, writing workshops, reader’s theatre and author talks,  online and *LIVE.

My Books are available HERE

How to Create YouTube Pantomimes

  1. Create a captivating book, connecting with children. Consider an Arts grant for  books AND pantomimes.
  2. Write a pantomime script based on the book, maximizing interaction and engagement with the audience. Consider costumes, props, puppets, songs, jokes, physical humor.
  3. Consider your tech equipment: lights, camera, mike, background.
  4. Practice pantomime with co-actors, focusing on spatial awareness, voice projection, movements, surprise, camera vision, sound.
  5. Perform/record in front of camera and mike. Play back and take note for how to improve. Rehearse, rehearse, rehearse.
  6. Edit adding pictures, special effects and music using a video editing program.
  7. Upload to YouTube adding description, tags and hashtags.
  8. Share!

READY SET DISCOVER LOGAN won an Arts Queensland Grant in 2018.

BEMAC (Brisbane Multicultural Arts Centre) sponsored our NEW pantomime creation.

  I presented ‘Grants for Writers Masterclass’  via ZOOM

Write, plan, strategize and WIN a grant!

Steve and I share our experience and strategies on winning #6 grants.

 Sat 13th June @ 9.30-12pm



Logan Radio 101 FM interviewed Steve and I  how we transformed a picture book into a children’s pantomime via a BEMAC grant.


 WIN a signed copy of Ready Set Discover Logan

Leave a comment on my YouTube pantomime page HERE

 Who wants to win a FREE signed copy of my book?

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2 comments to Ready Set Discover Logan Pantomime

  • Steve Tyrrell

    We had such a great time. Although we had a fun script, it takes a lot of energy and improvisation to keep it going. Had some glitches but we kept powering through. Hope you had as many laughs as we did? Great job Karen.

  • YES! We had so much FUN! We really had to Gee up our energy tanks to keep up the momentum … Karen 🙂

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