Arts Queensland Funds Song Bird Drought Rescue

arts QLD Grant dfunds Song Bird Drought Rescue

Arts Queensland grant kick-started Karen Tyrrell (me) and Steve to complete the 1st draft of Song Bird 5, to empower kids to become eco-warriors.

START grant funding from Arts Queensland and BEMAC facilitated our 5th and final book in this eco series.

 What’s Song Bird 5 about?

Karen and Steve Tyrrell Karen write passionately on the environment, creating four books in our Song Bird eco series.

Karen writes from the voice of Song Bird Superhero, eco warrior. Steve writes from the voice of Destructo, the evil environmental villain.

The final book is all about ‘helping kids to practice resilience and sustainability in a drought environment.’

Where did we tour?

Steve and I traveled to Winton and Longreach to research attractions and locations featured in Song Bird Drought Rescue. We immersed ourselves wherever we went, asking questions and snapping photos.

What Outback schools did we visit?

Children at Winton State School and Longreach Distance Education brainstormed ideas for a chapter, with us.

They shared their resilient water saving practices. We added the BEST ideas into the book. Out in 2021.

Destructo and Song Bird perform at Winton SS.


Longreach School of Distance Education


What places did we visit and research?


Stockman’s Hall of Fame

Bladensburg National Park and Sheep Station

Age of Dinosaurs

Karen at Age of Dinosaurs, Winton

What happens in 2021?

Song Bird Drought Rescue will be out in 2021.

We’ll visit schools and libraries for speaking events and reader’s theatre to educate children on the importance of caring for the environment. And living in a resilient and sustainable way during droughts.

WIN a copy of a Song Bird Series book. Go to  How we won an Arts Queensland grant … and wrote our story! HERE

Song Bird Tours Outback animated video BELOW … Click PLAY >

 Who wants to Read Song Bird Drought Rescue in 2021?

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6 comments to Arts Queensland Funds Song Bird Drought Rescue

  • Steve Tyrrell

    What a massive trip. Over 3000kms in a week, love regional Qld and especially fond of Longreach and Winton. The kids we met are so down to earth and appreciated our performances. Hope to do it again someday and travel to other State regions post COVID

  • Linde Cavanagh

    Karen you certainly were busy People in the Western areas would have made you welcome ,Thanks for sharing

  • Hi Linde, Your comment was there!
    YES! We were made to feel very welcome where-ever we went. Folks took the time to have a chat and ask us about our books.
    The libraries and schools were particularly interested…. Cheers, Karen 🙂

  • Yes Steve, totally agree. It was a an unbelievable trip but so rewarding to meet kids, schools and learn about their way of life .. Karen 🙂

  • Congratulations, Karen and Steve! I know this book is going to be a great addition to the Song Bird series. I loved the other books. I’m sure I’ll love this one too. Can’t wait to read it.

  • Thanks Norah for your very generous support. Steve and i have put all our creative energy into this book … Plus We brainstormed ideas with outback children to add to the book as well … Cheers, Karen & Steve xx

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