Karen Tyrrells ISO Book Show

Karen Tyrrells ISO Book Show

I launched Karen Tyrrells ISO Book Show, a child-friendly and entertaining YouTube channel for kids.

I’ve never had so much fun dressing-up, creating props and hamming it up. My inner Year 2 teacher is taking complete control.

What is the Karen Tyrrell Self-Isolation Book Show?

I present children’s books and review in a FUN interactive performance. My goal is to connect children with books so they grow to love them as much as I.

Every Monday and Thursday at 4pm AEST, I present a YouTube show where I review children’s books dressed-up in character with props and comedy to engage and entertain children.

I perform pantomimes & readers theatre in schools and libraries.

Why did you create Karen Tyrrell Self-Isolation Book Show?

To entertain, educate and engage children.

I wish to encourage children to read more and think.

And help kids create an enduring love of books.

Who is the audience?

Children, families, teachers, schools, libraries, bookshops and children’s literacy organizations.

Which authors and books will you review?

I review highly acclaimed picture books, junior fiction and occasional middle grade or YA.

I focus on books from the Romancing the Stars event, short-listers and long-listers from book awards including CBCA, Aurealis, Speech Pathology Book of the Year and other awards/events.

I’m seeking recent Australian children’s books from authors, illustrators and publishers.

How did this idea come to Fruition?

I performed a *LIVE book talk on Song Bird Great Barrier Reef Rescue at Romancing the Stars event in March.

I later videoed this talk and sent it out to children’s literacy groups.

It was popular so I then challenged myself to create book talks for my friend’s books.

Song Bird Great Barrier Reef Rescue by Karen Tyrrell HERE

Which books were reviewed for Children?

Where’s Lucky by Jacqui Halpin, illos Sandra Severgnini HERE

Scribbly Gum Secrets by Dannika Patterson, illos Megan Forward HERE


Super Nova by Krys Saclier, illos Rebecca Timmis HERE

Which Books will be reviewed Next?

The Golden Llama by Aleesah Darlinson Thurs 23rd April 4pm

Pippa by Dimity Powell, illos Andrew Plant Mon 27th April 4pm


Coming Soon … books by Deborah Kelly, Robert Henderson, Allison Rushby & MORE

Where’s Karen Tyrrell Self-Isolation Book Show?

Watch Playlist: Karen Tyrrell’s ISO Book Show

Go online at Karen Tyrrell Author channel HERE


Super Nova Book Giveaway

Win a copy of Super Nova … Follow these steps 1.. 2.. 3..

  1. Subscribe to Karen Tyrrell Author channel.
  2. Leave a comment on the page.
  3. Winner announced on YouTube, Facebook and this blog page. Apply HERE

Which New Releases do you recommend?

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4 comments to Karen Tyrrells ISO Book Show

  • Lorraine Watts

    How innovative Karen, a most entertaining and informative format to review children’s books. As a teacher-librarian, I can see how the children would be engaged and interested in your show. It’s not too long or wordy. When things settle (post-Covid) I’ll present your show to the children and give you feedback. I support everything that encourages children to read and develop a life-long love of books. Well done.

  • Steve Tyrrell

    Great work honey.I’m sure kids will love this and get a lot out of it.

  • Thanks Steve for supporting my latest project in many ways/ helping me to find costumes … Making suggestions on props etc … Karen 🙂

  • Thanks Lorraine for checking out my YouTube channel. Thanks too for your offer of feedback after you tell your class about my book videos.

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