Mental Health Achievement Awards Karen Tyrrell

Mental Health Achievement AwardsMental Health Achievement Awards – Karen Tyrrell.

Last Friday, I celebrated Mental Health Week Achievement awards at Brisbane Town Hall with SUPER inspiring people. Kelly Higgins-Devine from ABC Radio introduced the speakers as MC.

Queensland Mental Health Commission and Open Minds sponsored these important awards.

Mental Health Achievement Awards

Rwandan Dancers celebrate with the audience


I’m proud to announce, I received a Finalist award in the Jude Bugeja Peer Experience awards.

This award I share with author hubby, Steve Tyrrell, who writes and presents with me.

Mental Health Achievement Awards

Carer Dog bonds with Fuzzy, AKA Steve Tyrrell

I’m honoured to receive my fourth Mental Health award for my achievements as an author, speaker, performer and community service.

My 12 books include mental illness memoirs, recovery, self-care, resilience, Alzheimer’s, belongingness, bully prevention  and MORE.

What did I perform at the Mental Health Expo?

Afterwards, Steve and I performed Bailey Beats the Blah pantomime at Brisbane Square Library, End Room. Everyone in the audience danced, sang and participated.


‘Schoolboy battles anxiety, depression and low self-esteem, searching for his happiness.’

Courier Mail interviews me: ‘Health Awards highlight life-changing work’

As a Queensland Mental Health Week finalist, I spoke about my successes, the challenges and hopes for those living with mental illness …

Ms Tyrrell, who shares her personal story of parent-teacher bullying and mental illness, hopes her work will draw attention to the need for more programs based on self-care and mindfulness.

‘Focusing on strong mind skills in early education creates a resilience-equipped society prepared for the future,” she said.

‘Mental health and resilience should be a priority for society and Governments must concentrate on mental health strategies, resources and funded programs.’

‘She said empowering children with anti-bullying, coping and resilience skills was a “buzz”.

“Every time a child or an adult confides how my mental health journey has helped them … that adds purpose to my life,” Ms Tyrrell said.

‘Someone came to a recent event to disclose their own mental health issues. I shared my lived-experiences, brutal realities and the journey to develop my own coping skills, which gave them personal hope.

If I can continue doing that, I’ll take my successes one person at a time.”

Courier Mail asked me How I validate my work ..

‘She said being a finalist in this year’s awards was validation for the work she does.

‘I faced dark places and I never want anyone to experience that ever,” Ms Tyrrell said.

Recognition from the mental health industry inspires me to write more empowering  books and continue sharing my story of hope with the community.”

Karen Tyrrell has written multiple books about anti-bullying, self-care, mood swings and how to develop coping skills. (Jude Bugeja – Peer Experience Award Category)’

Who won the Mental Health Achievement Awards?

Drumroll …

Individual … James Hill

Peer Experience … Kerry Geraghty

Early Years Award … Curlew Cove Children and Family Care

Not-For Profit SME Award … ReachOut Australia

Workplace SME Award … Open Arms Veterans And Families Counselling

Workplace Large Award … Energy Queensland

LGBTIQ+ SB … PRIDE Art Therapy Program

Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Award … Stepping Black Indigenous Corporation Australia

Culturally & Linguistically Diverse Award … Romero Centre

Overall Winner …  ReachOut Australia

Mental Health Achievement Awards

How do these awards inspire me?

These awards inspire me to continue spreading resilience messages to children and schools.

Currently, I’m touring schools sharing self-care, bully prevention, resilience and coping skills.

Next week, I’m speaking to students at Trinity College, Beenleigh.

Please contact Speakers Ink, if you’d wish to book me for an interactive talk.


How important is mental health to YOU?

 Please comment below, share on Facebook, Twitter and Linked-In  🙂


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4 comments to Mental Health Achievement Awards Karen Tyrrell

  • Steve Tyrrell

    Karen and I certainly stood out at the Qld mental health awards. Karen dressed as Bailey and me as fuzzy the dog, we had a hoot of a time. Quite honoured to be in such esteemed company of individual and company achievers, all contributors to mental health and wellness.
    Of course Karen has experienced the highs and lows in this area, and continues her advocacy for anti bullying and development of resilience. I couldn’t believe how many people knew her or of her work, Amazing. Karen didn’t win the award this year, doesn’t matter, she wins every time her message is heard and a child feels strong! Congratulations Karen SuperHero!

  • Aww, Steve.
    The award belongs to both of us!
    Together, we write books and empower kids and grown-ups with positive messages and coping skills.
    Such an inspiring ceremony this year.
    Karen x

  • This is wonderful, Karen and Steve. Congratulations on your award and thank you for the great work you do.

  • Thanks so much Norah.
    And thank you for the incredible support you give Steve and I .
    Much appreciated.
    Karen & Steve xx

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