Publishing Tips StoryArts Brisbane

Publishing Tips StoryArts Brisbane

As an author and committee member, I celebrated the ultimate event in my writer’s year.

Last weekend, Book Links launched the very first StoryArts Brisbane.

A two-day action-packed writing retreat for writers and illustrators of children’s books.

Refreshing. Exhausting. Exhilarating.

Anna Byrd, Jacqui Halpin, June Perkins

I shared this AMAZING weekend with my writing buddies and colleagues.

We participated in ground-breaking masterclasses, pitching sessions, inspiring panels and feedback sessions.

Jacqui Halpin, Artelle Lenthall, Karen Tyrrell (moi), Tyrion Perkins, Anna Byrd.

I scribbled down blueprints for my next writing projects, revitalizing my creative brain to the MAX.

What are the Highlights?

Congratulations to Debbie Kahl, winner of the Book Links mentorship.  Editor and judge Dr Robyn Sheahan-Bright will mentor her.

Debbie Kahl & Robyn Sheahan-Bright

Book Links hosted the IBBY AGM where Mark Greenwood and Frané Lessac gave an address, Books Without Borders.  Afterwards we drank champagne.

Jenny Stubbs, Frane Lessac, Robyn Sheahan-Bright, Mark Greenwood

Editor, Dr Robyn Sheahan-Bright led two brilliant panels, asking probing questions to elicit new information.

Five publishers revealed their most candid publishing tips on a panel.

Sarah Davies, Rochelle Manners, Rowena Beresford, Sussanah Chambers, Marissa Pintado

TOP Publishing Tips

  1. Publishers want to fall in love with your character’s voice from the very first line.
  2. Surprise and delight publishers with clever writing. Write the unexpected.
  3. Touch readers hearts, tickle their funny bone or Both.
  4. Follow market trends, then create a new exciting trend.

Creators shared tips on how to write and illustrate the best stories for children on a panel.

Creators: Heath McKenzie, Sarah Davis, Lisa Shanahan

Author Mark Greenwood, history hunter, presented a talk on how to discover and research intriguing historical mysteries.

Author Lisa Shanahan presented the AMAZING ‘Fierce, Funny, True: The Art of Writing for Children.’ Her masterclass was breathtakingly inspiring and practical.

Today, I began an upscaled writing practice.

Lisa Shanahan – Brilliant Tutor

TOP Writing Tips

  1. Enhance your Four Doors to writing excellence: story, character, language and setting.
  2. Create a unique character with a powerful voice.
  3. Play with language, imagery and poetic skills in your writing journal. (daily)
  4. READ award-winning children’s books. EVERY DAY!

Literary agent, Alex Adsett presented a practical pitch critiquing session.

We learned how to write an engaging pitch, a synopsis, first page and query letter.

And how to deliver a *LIVE pitch, orally.

Alex Adsett

Who organized StoryArts Brisbane?

Special thanks to the StoryArts committee.  Thanks to Jenny Stubbs, president of Book Links, Danielle Freeland: vice president, Liane McDermott: secretary, Yvonne Mes: co-ordinator of Write Links.

Jacqui Halpin, Maria Parenti-Baldi and myself (Karen Tyrrell) worked on the committee too.

Jacqui Halpin, Danielle Freeland, Liane McDermott, Jenny Stubbs, Karen Tyrrell (moi)

Who were the Winners?

Writers and illustrators now have an action plan for the next step in their publishing journey.

Psst! Friends shared their success stories with me. Many are sending their requested pages or manuscripts to publishers soon.

AND … on the weekend, Publishers accepted manuscripts for publication! YES!!

My friend Artelle Lenthall & me Karen Tyrrell 

 What was the BEST part for me?

Someone read out my First Page to a panel of publishers ….

A publisher then requested the first ten pages of my manuscript.

It’s a humorous fast-paced mystery on childhood anxiety.

I can’t wait to rewrite and resend those pages using everything I’ve learned.

What’s YOUR favourite experience at StoryArts?

Please share your successes here. Comment, Like, Share on Facebook

Photo Credits: Karen Tyrrell, Steve Tyrrell, Maria Parenti-Baldi, Pym Schaare, Artelle Lentall

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4 comments to Publishing Tips StoryArts Brisbane

  • Steve Tyrrell

    A pretty amazing event, excellent value and I learnt so much

  • StoryArts was the best writers conference I’ve EVER been part of.
    I savoured every moment, writing 30 pages of notes.

    PS STEVE, Sorry I forgot to take your photo.
    Next time!

  • Jacqui Halpin

    Great write up, Karen! It was a fabulous weekend! Can’t wait fo the next one 🙂

  • Thanks Jacqui,
    Artelle helped me write it. Amazing weekend to share with writer friends.
    Hope there’ll be a StoryArts in 2020.

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