Finalist Qld Mental Health Week Achievement Awards

Finalist Qld Mental Health Week

Finalist Qld Mental Health Week Achievement Awards

Thrilled to announce, I’m shortlisted in the Qld Mental Health Week Achievement Awards.      That’s me, Karen Tyrrell – child empowerment author, performer, pantomimer, speaker and workshop presenter.

Yesterday, I received an unexpected call from the Queensland Mental Health Week Achievement Awards. They congratulated me on being shortlisted in the Jude Bugeja – Peer Experience Award.

A few minutes later, Steve Tyrrell arrived home from the gym. I dashed to his car, overcome with tears.

I could barely speak. ‘I-I’m finalist!’

What’s the Jude Bugeja – Peer Experience Award?

It’s an award for those who’ve experienced mental health issues and now share resilience, self-care and coping skills with the community.

In my case, I wrote two memoirs about my recovery from mental health issues and workplace bullying. Parents of my school student bullied me to my breakdown … and beyond.

Me & Him: A Guide to Recovery + Me & Her: A Memoir of Madness

Plus I wrote ten child empowerment books for children on how to live strong, and stop the bully.

And care for the environment.

Rainforest Rescue (Song Bird) is shortlisted for Speech Pathology Book of the Year 2019. HERE

What Author Talks do I present in schools, libraries and festivals?

I present talks and writing workshops on bully prevention, self-care, resilience, coping skills and eco talks.

Steve and I pantomime our books with storytelling, costumes, FUN and music.


FREE event: Bailey Beats the Blah Pantomime

Steve and I perform Bailey Beats the Blah Pantomine on Friday, 11th September 1.30 pm at Brisbane Square Library, Level 2, End Room.

Info HERERSVP Event Here

What’s your Current Work in Progress?

I’m currently working on a child empowerment novel on Anxiety.

In two weeks, I meet with editors for face to face feedback.

Please wish me luck. 🙂

This is NOT the Book Title

What other Mental Health awards have you won?

In 2015, I won the Jude Bugeja award. Before that, I won two Finalist awards in different categories.

Finalist Qld Mental Health Week

 When will the WINNER be announced?

The winners of the 10 categories will receive their award at the breakfast ceremony on Friday 11th October at Brisbane City Hall.  Please stay tuned for photos and announcements.

 Please support me and Share the LOVE 😊

I would love to hear how you TAKE TIME for Mental Health😊

Finalist Qld Mental Health Week

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4 comments to Finalist Qld Mental Health Week Achievement Awards

  • Steve Tyrrell

    Congratulations on your personal and professional development, and staying true to your core beliefs including resilience, mental wellness and anti bullying.

  • Steve, Thanks for being my number #1 Supporter!
    We write these books TOGETHER … We perform and present our talks TOGETHER.
    This award belongs to you and me … TOGETHER,
    Love Karen 🙂

  • So true Karen & Steve,
    You two rock.
    Love how you support each other and the children and adults who learn so much from your books.
    Amazing team work with your wonderful family.

  • Thanks so much Maria,
    I remember that fateful day when I met you at the State Library and we were both wearing identical dresses.
    Thanks for your kind friendship and your wonderful warm support.
    Karen 🙂

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