Year of the Edit

Just performed an autopsy on my Crime Novel today … Sayonara #2 is born!

I commenced Year of the Edit yesterday! Thirteen eager writers, plastic surgeons in-training met at QWC Brisbane with the fabulous Kim Wilkins as Chief Surgeon. (Thirteen is my lucky number!)

This course will give Sayonara a golden opportunity to develop to its full potential. After Day One, I’ve already performed micro-surgery on the first page … I’m prepared to wield my editing scalpel throughout.

With my main character Forensic student, Josie I’m giving her a complete Heart Transplant, questioning what does she have at stake? … What does she Fear and Desire the most? … What is the heart and soul of Sayonara?

I’m aiming that my new baby, Sayonara #2 will be at publishing stage by the end of 2009!
And that working on Sayonara will distract me while I wait to hear from the Publishers who currently have my first-born, Me and Her: a Memoir of Madness.

If any Publishers are reading this … I’d love to do a TWO-BOOK deal!

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6 comments to Year of the Edit

  • Joanna Gaudry

    Forensic gloves on. All the best with the surgery, Karen. I’m sure that you are all up for the gore. Should be a ripping yarn (excuse the pun). Hold the guts a sec. Surgery. OK, delicacy required. Small incisions, nips and tucks, methodical and precise. Have fun. Be brave!
    Joanna :))

  • HI Karen – Kim is awesome and I am sure you will reap many benefits from YOE. Detached and methodical, I think is the war cry to scream. I’m doing Year of the Novel with her online to redo my novel from scratch – I love my story THAT much and know it just has to be told and told right. Enjoy the autopsy – Wilkins style. I did 🙂

  • Mary

    Sounds great, Karen. Loads of work for you to edit Sayonara to perfection. You’re an inspiration!

  • Mike

    Karen, What about that Publishers suggestions to improve Me and Her?

  • I’m hard at work on the Rewrites … Ready soon if other Publishers request my full manuscript … I can’t neglect my First-Born!

  • ‘Tis great to hear your creative juices are still flowing strongly.

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