CYA Conference 2016 Winners

Winners-announcementI celebrated the ultimate event in my Writer’s year …

The Australian CYA Conference 2016 at Southbank TAFE, Brisbane celebrated its 11th birthday. A one-day action-packed creative retreat for writers. Refreshing. Exhausting. Exhilarating.

I shared this amazing day with my writing buddies and colleagues, participating in writing courses. I scribbled down blueprints for my next writing projects, revitalizing my creative brain to the MAX.

 CYA Conference 2016

Who WON first place in the CYA Conference 2016 Writing Competitions?

Picture Book Preschool …

Oh, So Many Kisses! – Maura Finn,

Picture Book Primary School …

The Midnight Feast – Kim Astill

Picture Book Non Fiction …

Loop the Loop – Jenny Gahan

Chapter Books – Younger Readers

Vikings Behaving Badly – Catherine Pelosi

Chapter Books – Older Readers

Ist Over Ice Under Sea – Marian McGuinness

2nd Winifred Weatherby Saves the Century – Alison Stegert

Young Adult

Bram – Helen Shorrocks

Graphic Novels, Illustrated Picture books & Illustrated Middle Grade Novels

Six Sleepy Mice – Heidi Cooper Smith

Published Author 

Bessie And Mo : Hat : Freya And The Scaredy-Dog – Karen Collum

 Pitching to Publishers & Agents…

Writer friends from my Brisbane writer’s group Write Links pitched their stories to editors and publishers, receiving positive feedback and encouragement, Fingers crossed they ‘ll receive a contract too.

 CYA Conference 2016

Jillanne. Amanda Francy, Leslee Ann Hewson, Dimity Powell from Write Links

 CYA Conference 2016

Sam Sochaka & Melanie Hill. Photo: Peter Alert

What WINNING ideas did the Presenters teach me?

James Phelan —How to write popular fiction. — Find & keep your audience when there’s SO much media competing for attention.
Aleesah Darlison  —Write It! Pitch It! I learned valuable insider tips and tricks for writing chapter book stories and getting published.
Dee White — Waging WAR with your characters — Putting your characters into conflict. PLUS Conquer critiquing and finding fabulous feedback.
Brian Falkner— Grab ’em by the b@#%s! Ratcheting up the suspense and tension.
Publisher Panel: — Industry editors and publishers shared exactly what they’re looking for in The First Page: hooking them to read on.

James Phelan, Brain Falkner, Yvonne Mes, Megan Forward, Katrina Germien, Shannon Horsfall, Dee White, Chrissie Krebs, Aleesah Darlinson

Success Panel Winners …

Congrats to Yvonne Mes, Shannon Horsfall, Megan Forward and Chrissie Krebs who divulged their truly inspirational and surprising journeys on how they became published.

Yvonne Mes Write Links — published  Oliver Grumbles  and  Meet Sidney Nolan.

Shannon Horsfall Write Links –published Was Not Me on 3 July.

Megan Forward published — A Patch from Scratch.

Chrissie Krebs published – This is a Circle and Whats Weird about Santa’s Beard.

 CYA Conference 2016

Congratulations Shannon Horsfall, Alison Stegert and Yvonne Mes from Write Links

My Success Story …

Two years ago, I , Karen Tyrrell shared my own Success Story at CYA Conference with publishing Bailey Beats the Blah and STOP the Bully. Both resilience books winning endorsements from Kids Helpline and a mental health achievement award. Since then I launched picture book, Harry Helps Grandpa Remember, winner of a RADF grant. Plus I published  Super Space Kids series: Jo-Kin vs Lord Terra  and Jo-Kin Battles the It.


Who were the REAL Winners of CYA Conference 2016?

We who attended, who were willing to embrace the wealth of experience, knowledge and inspiration from TOP publishers, agents, illustrators and authors.

CYA Conference 2016 delegates shared a unique opportunity to shape our writing lives and craft us into the writers we could be.

Only if we believed!

 CYA Conference 2016

Thanks to organizers Tina Mare Clark & Ally Howard. Photo: Peter Alert

What was your favourite experience at CYA Conference 2016?

How were you INSPIRED?

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