Unblock that Writers Block

Arrgh! As a writer, I hate staring at a blank screen or a blank sheet of paper, praying for the words to come.
Crying out in frustration, begging for the muse to endow me with ideas for a new scene, or a new character.

As writers we’ve all done that, haven’t we?
What is writers block anyway?
It’s when writers lose confidence in their ability … paralyzing their writing output … Fear of Failure paralyzes writers.

Thankfully that doesn’t happen to me so often now, since I’ve employed ~Positive Writing Strategies ~to chase those non-writing blues away.

Here’s my TOP TEN writing strategies that really work.

•    Write with a pen on notepaper. Write freely, don’t edit. Keep that pen moving. Connect with the left side of the brain ─ the creative side.
•    Lock up your inner critic.
•    Write something easy to give you confidence to do the harder bits.
•    Ask yourself  ‘What can I do?’ There’s always something you can write … another story,  your journal, your Blog … anything.
•    Work on more than one project at a time. Switch back and forth from one project to another. To minimize fear or boredom.
•    Try writing exercises. They loosen up your mind, getting you to write topics you’d never write otherwise.
•    Change your writing space. Are your desk and chair comfortable? Is your space well-lit? Try writing in a coffee shop for a change.
•    Remember why you started writing. Look at what you’re writing and ask yourself, Why? Are you writing what you love? Or what you think you should be writing? The writing that gives you JOY is the writing your readers will instinctively connect with.
•    Carry a pocket-sized notebook so you can scribble ideas for writing as they come to you.
•    Work out what your ‘kicker’ is, that stimulates your writing. Mine is a brisk morning walk.

Above all, keep on writing, don’t stop, and don’t give up.
‘Write every day’ as Stephen King recommends.

Get into a Writing Routine. If you don’t STOP writing, then you won’t have the problem of RESTARTING.

For me, some writing days are better than others.

When I’m having a SLOW day I Jump Start my writing by applying those ~Positive Strategies~ to squeeze out more words. They really work!

(NB. I have edited this Blog.)

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6 comments to Unblock that Writers Block

  • Steve

    Hi Karen,
    So many writers loose their confidence and find it difficult to start up writing again. Hope this BLOG gives them some ideas on Jump-Starting their writing.

  • Thanks Steve, So many of my writer friends are going through this at the moment. I hoped that I could help :))

  • I loved reading your post karen about ‘Writers Block.’ I agree that if it’s not a mental block, than it can be self doubt that can block us. I liked the idea of starting with some writing exercises or some thing that is achievable so it doesn’t look like your trying to climb Mt Everest. I also have to learn not to go back and edit but to continue writing. I find writing with a pencil helps me to try and break this habit.

  • Thanks Renee. That awful self-doubt eats into our writing confidence. The more strategies we have to armour ourselves from this the better. I’m still learning Not to edit the first draft until I’m finished the whole thing. Its a tough habit to break.

  • Theodora

    I can see another book developing on ‘How can I write better’ as your experience and tips on Stress and how it can Block Writing are very helpful for others. It looks like 2011 will be when you reap your rewards.

  • Thanks Theodora for dropping by. I’m pretty amazed to all that has happened in 2010. I can hardly wait to see what evolves in 2011. Thanks so much for your on going support. Cheers, Karen :))

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