Three Times Lucky

I think my LUCK is changing.
Three days in a row, I’ve received THREE incredible Emails.
I’m so excited, I’m ready to burst.

  • Wednesday … Received an email from an angelic friend who’s Looking After Me … about an opportunity for Me and Her: a Memoir of Madness.  One that could lead to publishing.
  • Thursday … I received an Email from a BIG NAME Publisher who wants me to send my crime novel, Sayonara to them when it’s finished … Yes, indeedy!
  • Friday/ TODAY The Gold Coast Writers Association wants ME to speak to them about my writing … ME! I can’t believe It … And they want to PAY me …  I’m planning my speech already.

That last email brought tears to my eyes.  All three were completely unexpected.
Has the Universe suddenly tilted or something, in my favour?

I just had to share this News with you or I’d explode.
Didn’t want to mess the house with Christmas coming up. LOL.

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