Switch to Photoelectric Fire Alarms

House_Fire_www_normancope_comI urge the government to mandate and legislate photoelectric fire alarms for homes … and ban ionization smoke alarms.


Photoelectric fire alarms save lives by alerting the occupants early, in time to escape safely. Photoelectric fire alarms STOP smouldering AND flame house fires!

WHY am I blogging on Photoelectric Fire Alarms?

I’m passionate about saving lives after hearing Louie Naumovski speak at     Logan City Women in Business meeting. Together, we can bring about change…

“I’d like ionization alarms to be banned, that’s first and foremost. I want photoelectric smoke alarms to be mandated and legislated, not just here in the state of Queensland, but across Australia, in every bedroom and in every hallway, for the earliest possible warning to escape a flaming fire.” Mr Naumovski,                   Logan House Fire Support Network

 Louie and I at Logan City Women in Business

Louie and I at Logan City Women in Business

Realities of House Fires

Thousands of people die because they don’t have photoelectric fire alarms in their houses, in nursing homes, shops and their businesses. Millions of dollars go up in smoke because of senseless fires.

The old fashioned smoke alarms DON’T work! Often they fail to activate for slow smouldering fires.
Your house could be alight and you could die of poisonous smoke BEFORE you hear the alarm.

Do you have a Smoke Alarm like this?

Ionization Smoke Alarm

Ionization Smoke Alarm

These smoke alarms or ionization alarms are dangerous. They are radioactive AND have a history of failing to activate. Replace them with photoelectric fire alarms.

They could SAVE your life and your loved ones.

Why install Photoelectric Fire Alarms?

1. They SAVE lives.
2. These alarms alert the occupants early, in time to escape safely.
3. They detect smoke and flames BEFORE any other alarms.
4. Fire and emergency services support photoelectric fire alarms.

Photo Electric Fire Alarm

Photo Electric Fire Alarm with me, Karen & Louie

What can YOU do to SAVE lives?

1. Urge the Australian and Queensland Governments to take action.
2. Switch your smoke alarms to photoelectric fire alarms.
3. Tell everyone you know about photoelectric fire alarms.
4. Contact Louie Naumovski of the Logan House Fire Support Network
5. Share this Blog on Facebook and social media

 Are you switching to Photoelectric Fire Alarms?

What positive action will you take?

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