How to MAXIMIZE your Author Visits to the Library


Photos: Judi Stroud

Hordes of aliens, space pirates, Jedi knights and super heroes invaded Logan North Library, Brisbane to hear JOSH  VS TERRA Book 2 of the Super Space Kids series,.

Will JOSH, Earth’s #1 super space hero, defeat Lord Terra and SAVE the Galaxy?

With my most expressive JOSH voice and dramatic actions, I zipped out all my teacher and theatrical resources to keep this lively bunch entertained. After each chapter the kids stood up and reached for the stars and then formed a rocket shape with their arms to Blast Off!

I delivered the first three chapters of JOSH VS TERRA,  leaving them begging for more … Gee I miss teaching sometimes!!


First prize to Dugan

I made them all honorary Super Space Kids, inviting them to punch POWER into the cosmos, fight evil and save the galaxy from destruction.
After the reading, I judged the most original costumes for SUPER prizes, Donated by the library including a DVD, colouring books and super strips of space stickers. Cameras flashed. The audience cheered.

What are my TOP  SECRETS for organizing a Library Session?

  • Liaise with the library for a PRIME time and suitable theme activities
  • Organize a costume competition with prizes
  • Print off photo permission forms for parents to sign
  • Get into the spirit by wearing a theme costume or funny hat
  • Dramatize story with voice inflections, whispers, pauses and actions
  • Publicize via Facebook invitations plus through library channels
  • Engage and interact with the children with warm-ups and a climactic response

What was the Best THING about  my Reading?

I was overwhelmed by the  super enthusiastic feedback  from kids, parents and the librarians. They really LOVED my story! Today was a dress rehearsal for JOSH AND THE IT‘s future book launch. An International SCI-FI publisher requested JOSH AND THE IT, and is currently considering it for publication. I’m squeezing my eyes shut, visualizing my ultimate victory. I can taste the sweet essence of  success … spurring me NOT to give up.


Prize winners ... Caitin, Alex, Bill, Rohan

A special thanks to ALL those who zoomed out to meet JOSH today and to Logan North Library for inviting me to be part of August’ SCI-FI activities.

My next event will beHow to BUILD an Author Platform on Tuesday 30th @ 6.30 pm where I share my Secrets on how I promoted and marketed JOSH AND THE IT to receive attention from Publishers … A non-fiction publisher requested my CASE STUDY for a marketing book … soon to be launched … Please book online or phone 3412 4140

Thanks everyone for your ongoing support and believing … JOSH AND THE IT will be published … Please wish me a rocket blast full of supersonic luck!

Can my Dream really come true?

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