Supanova Brisbane Author Karen Tyrrell


Supanova Brisbane – I celebrated the ultimate book signing event in my author’s year.

Supanova Brisbane 2016 presented its cosplay Pop Culture expo. A three-day fan festival of books, TV, movies and games.  Gob-stopping. Exhausting. Exhilarating.

Song Bird Superhero

I met SUPA cool little fans and BIG fans of Song Bird Superhero.

Thrilled to sign my new release, Song Bird Superhero … Bullied girl, Rosella Ava Bird powers up with singing, science and self-belief.

I surprised them; announcing Song Bird Superhero 2 comes out in 2017.


Song Bird girls hang out!


Fan girl Loves Song Bird Superhero

Meet little Song Bird


Brisbane Supanova

Meet Song Bird’s friend and reader

Super Space Kids series

Shout out to kids who bought copies of Jo-Kin Battles the It and Jo-Kin vs Lord Terra.

Jo-Kin AKA Joshua Atkins battles robots, monsters and evil lords … At the same time chomping down on Planet Dee-lishus made entirely of yummy food.


Fan boy loves Jo-Kin vs Lord Terra


Supanova Brisbane Drumroll …

I met SUPA rock star authors, celebrities and cosplayers.

Awesome authors

WOW! I got to chat with award winning fantasy authors Kim Wilkins and Angela Slatter.  Kim and Angela tutored me at Queensland Writers Centre in my early days as a writer.

PLUS I got a sneak peek of thriller author, Matthew Reilly.

And so many awesome author friends dropped by my booth to say hello. Kylie Thompson, Kev Webb, Luke West, Kate Russell and Charmaine Clancy and MORE.

Check out the photos!

Supanova Brisbane

Awesome fantasy authors Kim Wilkins & Angela Slatter


Matthew Riley SUPA author


Meet Naomi Eccles Smith

Naomi Eccles Smith, dragon author.


Amanda Greenslade, fantasy author.


Meet Kate Russell friend & author


SUPA heroes

Brisbane Supanova

Meet Raven, Song Bird’s sister


Supanova Heroes Love Song Bird

Supa Heroes love Song Bird


Wonder Girl meets Song Bird

Wonder Girl meets Song Bird


Thor AKA Steve Tyrrell  meets lady THOR + fantasy friends

SUPA Winged creatures

Avril Sabine, author created  steam punk wings


Brianna created her own SUPA wings

Brianna created her own SUPA wings

Finally, thanks everyone for saying hi at Supanova Brisbane  … and supporting Song Bird Superhero. Song Bird is now available on Amazon … Click here

A  gripping page turner with positive messages for kids.


Download Free teacher notes & Kids activities with STEM science . Click Here.

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2 comments to Supanova Brisbane Author Karen Tyrrell

  • Alice Bradley

    Hi Karen , it was lovely to meet up with you at Supanova. I’m sorry my son didn’t want a photo but he was over excited and wanted to see the games area. At least we had chance to buy your Jo-Kin books and thanks so much for signing them and giving us a discount. Looks like we may have to make this an annual event so maybe see you next year ?

  • Thanks Alice for dropping by, fabulous to sign books for you. Hope to meet you again next year at Supanova or Comic Con.

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