Reviews Song Bird Superhero Super Deal

Reviews Song Bird SuperheroREVIEWS Song Bird Superhero SUPER Deal

I’m celebrating my riveting Reviews and interviews for Song Bird Superhero!

From teeniest girl to most respected magazine, check out book reviews for Song Bird Superhero.

Pinch Me! I can’t believe what they said about my empowering children’s fantasy adventure.


REVIEWS Song Bird Superhero

‘A sweet empowering story about being bullied and believing in yourself.

Can Rosie and her friend Amy, get super powers from singing, science and self-belief ?

An inspiring read by a great Australian author. ‘ — Disney Princess magazine


‘An imaginative tale that flies high.

Uplifting work about conquering bullies and staying true to oneself.’ — Kirkus Review


‘In a world where Super Girl and Wonder Woman are real, Rosella ‘Rosie’ Bird dreams of being able to fly.
Unfortunately, a series of dangerous engineering failures has left her parents less than supportive and with her bully neighbor Frank contriving to make her life miserable, Rosie feels attacked on all fronts.

Only her love of singing sustains her – and that is where the fun begins.’ — Buzz Words

Themes: friendship, bullies, self-esteem, resilience, disability, girl power, STEM science.

Fan Girl loves Song Bird Superhero

Fan Girl loves Song Bird Superhero

KID Reviews Song Bird Superhero

‘You HAVE to read this! I loved how the superhero had to discover her superpowers and learn how to use them, instead of just knowing straightaway.’ – 9 year-old

‘Real page turner’ – Charlotte: 11 year-old

I love the main character, Rosella Bird. I share many things, my love of science, my bold personality and even the occasional meanie at school.’Alison’s daughter

Mighty Girls love Song Bird

Mighty Girls love Song Bird Superhero

#12 Amazon Reviews HERE

#42 Goodreads Reviews 

Magazine Features

Touchstone magazine (disability) interviewed me about why I created Amy Hillcrest, science and engineering genius side-kick character who is wheelchair bound. HERE.

TOP Interviews for Song Bird

FROM Bullied teacher to Empowerment Author at Readilearn Zine

How to Write a Superhero Story Alison Stegert

SUPER DEAL … Special Offer

To celebrate my reviews, I offer Song Bird Superhero at a SUPER price AND Free postage anywhere in Australia. HERE.

Be Quick!  Seven days only and RRP will return back to normal.

Which Review OR Interview resonates with you the most?

WHY are superheroes important to us all?

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4 comments to Reviews Song Bird Superhero Super Deal

  • Jim Boomba

    In a world full of pressure and stress, along comes Songbird, a book where kids can escape into a fantasy world with real events they relate to and recognise, then learn to conquer their own fears and insecurities. Its a ripper yarn Karen, my kids look forward to the next one. Well done.

  • Hi Jim,
    Thanks for the awesome rap on Song Bird. Thrilled your kids love it … announcing Song Bird 2 soon … Cheers,
    Karen 🙂

  • Well done, Karen. You and your book deserves all the accolades you can get. This is a wonderful offer you are making with Songbird for the next week. I hope you lure many new readers who will love your book the moment they start reading.

  • Thanks so much Norah, for your very generous interview about Song Bird Superhero on your Blog at Readilearn …. and now sharing my SUPER deal on my page
    Karen x

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