My New Focus

Last week, someone-in-the-know requested a Meeting with me.
My curiousity peaked and I travelled into Brisbane, full of anticipation.

After a chat,  Ms X advised me on How to Get Published.
She commented on how I’d split myself three ways …
publicizing 3 books/ 3 completely different genres,/dividing my attentions 3 ways.

‘Which of your books has the biggest following?’ she inquired
‘The Memoir by far,’ I said.

‘Which book do you feel most passionate about?’
‘Definitely the Memoir.’

‘That’s where you should concentrate your online presence and build your following.’
She offered me scores of ideas on how to achieve this. I couldn’t thank her enough.

This BLOG announces my New Focus.
My fervent passion for Me and Her: a Memoir of Madness to be published,
is restored.

Will I talk about my Kids Sci-Fi, Josh and the It or my Crime Faction, Sayonara anymore?
Yes … when I have announcements about them …  And I know they’re coming.

I’ll still be Blogging about Writing and Pro-active Publishing tips.
And my fervour for my community project, Logan City Writers collective has not diminished at all, only amplified.

Memoirs can be the trickiest to market and to find the right audience … As Writer of Me and Her: a Memoir of Madness, I’m expanding my presence as a Mental Health writer, advocate and speaker not only online but out in the community.

I have many exciting New Projects brewing. I’m bursting to tell you about them …  Soon … very soon.

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13 comments to My New Focus

  • Hi, Karen
    Glad that the meeting gave you a fresh perspective. You’re not short of ideas!
    Joanna :))

  • Marjorie Sawyer

    I don’t agree with her advice. My theory is the more ‘out there’ the better chance you have of being published. But then I’m no expert, just someone who listens to her inner voice. All the best, Marjorie.

  • Hi Joanna, I was amazed this person wanted to talk to me. And I listened to every word and suggestion she made. I feel extremely grateful for her support and for all support I’ve received through my writing journey. Thanks Joanna, for always being in my corner, egging me along. Karen :))

  • Marjorie, I agree with you too. But I have been neglecting my Memoir and it needs a boost along. Many things I’ll be doing for the Memoir will be behind the scenes stuff.
    Don’t worry, Sayonara and Josh and the It won’t be neglected either … Its more a subtle shift. Cheers, Karen:))

  • Marjorie, We all must listen to our inner voice and follow that pathway. The advice from Ms X first startled me then jelled. Memoirs are harder to “sell” to Publishers and often need a boost. Best of luck with your pathway to Publishing … Karen :))

  • Thanks for sharing this, Karen. I think it’s an easy trap for a writer to fall into, being distracted from one project by another. Good luck with Memoirs. Hope this new focus leads to publication.


  • Hi Dee, I know I was up front and personal with it. But a little honesty won’t hurt. I’m convinced now that Memoirs need a Strong Platform prior to Publication and I’m going to give it my best shot. Thanks Dee for your support … Karen :))

  • I get that, Karen! It makes sense to focus on one thing, otherwise your thoughts are all over the place and you could be sending mixed messages into the universe (law of attraction) Good luck…You so deserve it, especially with your constant commitment of hard work and enthusiasm!

  • Hi Carol, I’m glad you support and understand my decision to focus on Me and Her for a while. I want to send out to the Universe, one powerful message …Cheers,Karen:))

  • Jenny

    There’s nothing better than feeling refreshed about a project particularly when you are so passionate about it. I love the way you are branching out as a speaker not only online but in the community. I’m proud as punch of you and for you – I bet you are too!

  • Thanks Jenny, I do feel passionate about Mental Health issues and its a natural progression for me. Its hard to believe that in less than a year I’ve developed the confidence to do this … Cheers. Karen :))

  • Excellent! Sound like you’ve found the path that best suits you.

  • Hi Katrina, This is the next BIG step for me and its ringing very true at the moment. Thanks for your support. Cheers, Karen :))

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