Media The Battle of Bug World-Song Bird 2

Battle of Bug World interiew with ABC radioMedia published newspaper stories and an ABC radio interview featuring The Battle of Bug World (Song Bird 2). I was thrilled to discover the media sharing my positive messages on bully prevention, girl power, caring for bees … and the environment.

Song Bird 2

The Battle of Bug World (Song Bird 2) … BLURB

A superstorm destroys Rosella Ava Bird’s flower garden.

All the bees and bugs are disappearing.

A giant sinkhole cracks open beneath Rosie’s school bus, and mysterious voices rise up from the depths.

A giant tornado blasts the house of Frank, Rosie’s sinister next-door neighbour, threatening Rosie’s family.

And Rosie’s sister, Raven, has gone missing.

Should Rosie lead a mission into Bug World to rescue Raven?

Or stay home and save her family

Media ABC Radio Interview

ABC Radio Interview

ABC Radio Podcast with Emma Griffith

Brisbane announcer, Emma Griffith interviewed me *LIVE* asking me why I address social issues like bullying, wellness and the environment.

ME: “A lot of kids out there are being bullied and they want a superhero on their side who’s going to help them through and make them feel good about themselves!”

Click to listen to the FULL radio podcast posted on their ABC website. HERE

Media Courier Mail QWeekend

QWeekend published my quirky story My First Car. It’s all about my love-hate relationship with my first car, a Morris Marina, as a young Sydney school teacher.

IMG_7402Here’s a snippet from My First Car

… “On weekends, I navigated to rock venues to see INXS and Midnight Oil. That’s when I could get the engine started… My most memorable journey happened in 1981, when I married the love of my life, Steve Tyrrell, and we drove to Melbourne for our honeymoon.

In 1983, my friends Diane borrowed my Marina, but was T-boned by another car at a crossing. She was unhurt, but my resilient Marina was a write-off. Later, meeting the insurance guy at the wreckers for an inspection felt like saying goodbye to my first boyfriend.” — Karen Tyrrell

At the end of the media story, QWeekend published details of my book launch at Logan North Library on 24 June. Here’s the latest News on my book signings …

Book Signings

This Saturday, 8 July 11.30am I perform a dramatic reading of The Battle of Bug World at Bookface bookshop Orion Shopping Centre Springfield Central in FULL Superhero costume and props. I cosplay my alter ego Rosella Ava Bird, Rosie for short, wearing blue feathered wings. Meet me from 11-1 for book signings and a chat. Park near the lake … Opposite Bookface.

Book signings and FREE Capilano Honey bag with book purchase

15 July 10-1pm Dymocks Westfields Chermside 

Book signings and FREE Capilano Honey bag with book purchase

22 July 10.30-1pm Dymocks Westfields Northlakes

Book signings and FREE Capilano Honey bag with book purchase.


Media magazine, SheBrisbane

She Brisbane magazine focusses on my “Inspiring story of how three friends battle bugs, baddies and bullies to save the bees and the planet.”

Read the Full Story HERE.

Media Karen Tyrrell Bug World

The Battle of Bug World available on Amazon HERE  … & good Book Shops.

Thanks for dropping by to read my media stories and support The Battle of Bug World.

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4 comments to Media The Battle of Bug World-Song Bird 2

  • Well Karen, I just loved listening to you, but what a fascinating story about your first car too! And the love of your life. 🙂

  • Andrea Kenny

    You have been so busy karen. I loved your abc interview the most, you are so natural and honest. Go girl

  • Hi Andrea,
    For listening in to my ABC Radio Podcast. I really enjoy the spontaneity of *LIVE* interviews. I NEVER know what they will ask and I NEVER know what I will say .. Cheers, Karen 🙂

  • Thanks Norah, for listening in to my radio interview. Courier Mail requested me to write a story on My First Car. I chose the quirkiest First Car moments to share … and they added my Book launch details… So I was thrilled … Karen 🙂

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