Left Brain, Right Brain

In a former life, I slaved as a teacher, a radiographer and a bank Johnny.
Very left-brain ho-hum.

I now exercise my right brain, writing stories, living out fantasies through my characters.
Some days, I’m Josh – Super Space Kid capturing space monsters and saving the Galaxy – in my kids Sci-Fi novel, Josh and the It.
Other days, I live a life of crime though my fictional forensic student, Josie Roberts, from Sayonara.
In my memoir, Me and Her: a Memoir of Madness I play myself in a mystifying struggle through mania and mayhem.

For the last two weeks I’ve been finalizing plans for Logan Writers Week (10th ─16th October), calling upon my left brain to balance the budget … income verses expenditure. Thousands of dollars of in-kind donations stared back at me, the figures seeming rosy and hopeful.

But was that enough?
Last Friday I rang someone at Arts Queensland about the budget and she clarified how cash donations or sponsors from local  businesses would strengthen my application … my brain almost exploded in shock and worry. But I knew what I had to do … plead for help.

I implored the members of Logan City Writers for support and guidance. And that’s exactly what they delivered.
A HUGE thanks to Ged Maybury for assisting with a Sponsor Information Sheet and to Myles, Helen, Norma, Sharon, Penny and Sonja for their leads.


Today Logan Chamber of Commerce agreed to be our main sponsor and  Coffee Club and Bendigo Bank  are likely to follow tomorrow as sponsors too. The Grant Application is looking like a Frontrunner … Hope the judges see it that way.

On Friday as I hand-in the application for Logan Writers Week, I’ll murmur to myself … soon … soon.
Soon I can switch that right brain on again  … and commence creative writing, my main game.

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9 comments to Left Brain, Right Brain

  • Well done, Karen,

    Great to see all your hard work paying off. I’m sure it’s going to be a great week for writers in Logan.


  • Thanks Dee, I had a few nights sweating and worrying over Sponsors. But feel relieved now that the initial planning stage is almost done. Ahh! Can’t wait to get back to writing … Cheers, Karen :))

  • Penny Whitehouse

    That is FANTASTIC news! Karen, thank you for working so hard for all of us! I can’t wait for the week to be here(but not to soon). I am sure there is much more planning to do before the big event.

  • Well done,Karen. Great news for all Logan writers. I love the way you started this post ‘In a former life …’). What a self transformation you’ve made! Joanna :))

  • Hi Penny, YES, it is! Thanks for all the support you’ve given me with this. Especially with donating the Currumbin tickets. About the planning … after Friday no more organizing can be done until the 1st September, the official start date. Cheers, Karen :))

  • Thanks Joanna, Having the sponsors on board now, makes this event seem more real. I think I’ll make “In a former life” a catch phrase in my future speeches. What do you think? Cheers, Karen :))

  • Hi Joanna, I’ve had to challenge myself the last two weeks and learn totally new skills. I often asked myself ‘Why the hell am I doing this? … And what have I gotten myself into?’
    Often I felt like I had jumped into something WAY TOO BIG, barely believing that it would work out. But will It? . ..Karen :))

  • Congratulations, Karen!

  • Thanks Carol, This first planning stage is almost complete. Looking forward to writing again, come Saturday morning … Cheers, Karen :))

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