Kids Poetry Book Magic Fish Dreaming

bannermagicfish2DISCOVER Kids Poetry book Magic Fish Dreaming, luscious creation of multicultural poet, June Perkins and illustrator Helene Maggison. Together, they created an exquisite illustrated book of poetry for children, Magic Fish Dreaming.

I’ve backed June’s book on a Kickstarter crowd funding campaign, purchasing a copy of this book. June and I are active members of writing group, Write Links in Brisbane Queensland. June supports all my resilience books including Jo-Kin Battles the It and Harry Helps Grandpa Remember.

I interviewed June to find out more about her children’s poetry book, Magic Fish Dreaming

 Karen: Tell me about your poetry book?

June: It’s a poetic celebration and exploration of nature, people and imagination in Far North Queensland.  Within you’ll discover creatures like cassowary, gecko and crocodile, and the fun and dreams children can have there.

 June Perkins & Helene Maggison creating Magic Fish Dreaming

June Perkins & Helene Maggison

 Karen:  Why did you write Magic Fish Dreaming?

 June: It evolved naturally from living in Far North Queensland for nearly a decade.  I mentored writers of all ages, but especially young writers, in the arts of poetry. I realized I had a ‘place’ theme happening in my poetry.  Writing the poetry of the  North, became a great way to focus on all the things that make people want to live in the Far North.

I wanted children to love poetry and realize it’s as diverse as their personalities and styles.

 Karen: What makes Magic Fish Dreaming stand out from other kid’s  books?

June: Magic Fish Dreaming doesn’t focus just on rhyme but on its Far North Queensland place setting.  I like ‘place based writing’, showcasing the diversity of Australia to the world. Magic Fish Dreaming is a book, kids can grow up with.

898cd90dd0fbf4cd0b44970afad8142b_original (1)Karen: Why did you choose Kickstarter to crowd fund Magic Fish Dreaming?

June: Children need the power of poetry, nature, and beauty in their lives.

I wanted the FREEDOM of publishing my own book. I chose a gifted illustrator sensitive to diversity and conveying place, to interpret the poetry visually. I was so happy to discover illustrator, Helene Magisson’s work.  When I received the  samples from her, I just knew she was the illustrator I wanted to work with.

 Karen: How can people support Magic Fish Dreaming?

June: Supporters can pledge, pre-order a book for themselves and a friend, or something special from our Kickstarter campaign.  After that they can encourage others they know, teachers, schools, libraries, friends to support our book and give us shout outs on social media.

Councillor Vicki Ward supports Magic Fish Dreaming

Councillor Vicki Ward supports their kickstarter project

I urge you to back June’s Kickstarter project Magic Fish Dreaming. HERE

Only 10 days to go! June needs to reach  $9K or Magic Fish Dreaming WON’T go ahead.  Buy a copy HERE

Did you support  this gorgeous picture book for children?

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