SCI-FI– KARBOOM! Josh vs. Lord Terra ready for Lift Off!

*WOOHOO!* I’ve finished JOSH vs. LORD TERRA, Book 2 of the Super Space Kids series with a little help from my friends.
Last October an International Publisher requested JOSH AND THE IT and it’s now under their consideration.

Last November I first created JOSH vs. LORD TERRA as part of the NaNoWriMo writing challenge, completing the first draft in two weeks then started the second draft in earnest. Five drafts later, I launched JOSH VS LORD TERRA to Beta readers for critiquing.

Then I asked, ‘What else could I do to AMP my story to publishing standard?’
I zipped off my manuscript to Sally Odgers, editor extraordinaire wanting specific advice on strengths and weaknesses and how to improve my manuscript.
Sally Odgers, award winning children’s writer assessed and reviewed JOSH vs. LORD TERRA.

What  did Sally’s say? … Here’s a glimpse from  Sally’s 6 page report …

” … The aliens are suitably gruesome and the comic-book fight works nicely. I keep seeing this as a graphic novel or animated series! This entry advances the story in both action and character. Great pace.

Assessment? … Yes? … No?
I highly recommend writers have their work professionally assessed after  they’ve fully developed their story and had it critiqued by Beta readers.
A writer friend advised … ‘It’s the difference between a B+ manuscript and an A’.
Check out  Sally’s website …

I'll be wearing this design at Supernova

I'll be wearing this design at Supernova

What’s next?
I followed Sally’s advice carefully fine-tuning the final draft to the MAX.
Its now ready to Blast off into the cosmos!

The countdown is on …
I’m transmitting positive Book Karma vibrations out to the universe and Beyond.

And for good measure, I’ll be zooming out to SUPERNOVA at the Brisbane RNA this Sunday 3rd April wearing my JOSH +THE IT t-shirt and cap, of coursePlease say hi :))

I’m so excited with Sally’s Review and where it may lead.

I’m standing over the Black Hole of doubt, refusing to look down. My eyes are fixed, concentrating on that dream haven  in front of me …  a place where Writers are called Authors.

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18 comments to SCI-FI– KARBOOM! Josh vs. Lord Terra ready for Lift Off!

  • Michelle Kemp

    Congratulations Karen.
    For completing two books in a Kids series and having a Publisher interested in them. And for that brilliant review from Sally Odgers. You must be stoked!

  • Thanks Michelle,
    I’m so excited by the Review and not knowing exactly where this all might lead. I’m sitting on the edge of my seat, waiting for wonderful things to happen :))

  • Judi

    Congrats Karen – you’ve zoomed into the A-league now! I loved Sally’s comments and your spacey style blog. Have fun at the Supernova with Josh, the latest hero of the galaxy.

  • Lexie Mitchell

    Congratulation from me too Karen. That is one extraordinary effort.
    I know of Sally Ogders, but who are Beta readers? Is that your critique group or can anyone use them?
    Can’t wait for a further update on your Josh and the It publishing news.
    Also what a good marketing idea having your own teeshirt and cap to advertise your book.
    All the very best.

  • Thanks Judi,
    for being a fabulous Beta Reader for the Super Space kids series and all the advice and feedback you’ve given me. I wish you well with your Spider from Space novel that you sent to publishers this week:))

  • Thanks Lexie,
    I have worked very hard to get these two books of the series completed. Beta readers are people who give you invaluable feedback on your manuscript. I’m so lucky to be part of many writing groups and have many critiquing partners. Different partners for different genres. Glad you like my t-shirt and cap idea. I’ve used them before when reading to a kids Book Club at the library :))

  • Congrats, Karen. You’ve worked so hard. Sending you positive vibes. Good luck 🙂

  • Hi Carol, Thanks for the ++Positive vibes++. For the next two days , I’m putting the finishing touches of a secret project. Announcing it next week. I’m promising myself a much quieter week or two after that. I promise :))

  • Joanna Gaudry

    Wow! You never fail to amaze and inspire me, Karen. So excited for all your thriving writing projects. This is going to be a great breakthrough year for you, I just know it. We must celebrate with a couple of glasses of champagne when your publishing contract is announced. You deserve it 599 per cent. You’ve put in more work as a writer than anybody I know. Where do you get your drive, commitment, energy, passion? Wish you could bottle that. Congratulations on yet another completed book! Hope your husband takes you out to dinner to celebrate another amazing writing achievement in your life. Joanna xx

  • Thank so much Joanna for your very generous comment. I’ve always been a bit a perfectionist and once I have something in my sights, there’s not stopping me. So far, its taken me five years to learn the Art of Writing, and each day my goals are getting closer to becoming Realised … Still busy with one more project to complete, so I hope to celebrate on the weekend:))

  • Congratulations Karen,
    I will make sure to share this with the followers of my blog as well!! 🙂

  • Thanks so much Mike, I do appreciate all the support you’ve given me :))

  • Congratulations Karen!!!! So exciting!!

  • Thanks Michelle, I’m so psyched to receive such an amazing review from Sally Odgers. Hope this will help to bring Josh and the Super Space kids “Home”.

  • Graham Clements

    Go Karen. How many novels do you think are in the Josh and IT series?

  • Thanks Graham.
    I’m all geared up for the Super Space Kids series. How many Josh books? Good question. If I’m clever with the plot lines they could run forever. I’ve started planning Book 3.

  • Michael Bennett

    Wonderful news, Karen. You must be proud. When I finish my manuscript I’ll certainly be looking for beta readers and somewhere to get it assessed. Thanks for the advice.

  • Thanks Michael for you very kind words. I’m glad my writing advice was helpful to you :))

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