In Print


Finally I’m in print!

My short story ‘Those Who Dare’ is published.

Last Sunday I couldn’t wait to get my hands on my story at Brisbane Square    Library. Society of Women Writers launched their newest anthology, Women Sew Seeds. Estelle Pinney, their patron saint unveiled their newest publication.

I purchased the anthology and brought the pages straight to my nose, sniffing  the brand-new paper and the fresh black ink. I madly thumbed through the index and found my story’s title with my name listed and correctly spelled.

What a thrill!

I flicked through the pages and discovered my own story, ‘Those Who Dare’ on   page 40 staring back at me. Hard to believe.

The Inner Critic Me read the words, switching into automatic ─ self-editing, autopsying the Puppy, finding where it could improve! (A story written a year ago.)

The Newly Published Me shouted, Hold on. Wait a sec. Just bathe in the glory for a moment. I closed my eyes inhaling the freshly pressed paperback. Dreaming to whom I would inscribe the book.

That’s what I want to remember. And that New Book scent, forever linked to that glorious feeling.

To be Published.

To be in Print.

Is such an indescribable pleasure!

Something I want repeated again … And again.

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