How to MAXIMIZE every Writing & Speaking Opportunity

SQUEEE … I’m announcing #2 brand new AUTHOR  EVENTS!! … How did I do It?

I’m pro-actively seeking, recognizing and grabbing every possibility to create my publishing dream. In June, I  launched #6 writing related submissions into the cosmos. In July, I promise to hunt down more opportunities and take affirmative action.

How do I Decide on each Opportunity?
I weigh up each submission and apply for those which I’ve the greatest chance of winning a GOLD TICKET into the publishing world or gaining unique experience. I research and prepare each submission meticulously, to the finest detail.  Each day in my diary,  I tick off each sequential step I achieve .
I won’t jinx myself and mention the exact nature of the submissions … But when you hear me SQUEEE, you’ll know I’ve achieved success.

What can Writers apply for?

•    Mentorships … Society of Editors, ASA, Varuna, Express Media, Aus Writers Guild, State Writers Centres

•    Grants … RADF, Arts Council, Aus Council, Arts QLD, ASA, Arts Grants Finders.

•    Manuscript Development Programs … Allen & Unwin, Hachette, Harper Collins/ Varuna, State Writers Centres

•    Writing competitions for short stories or submitting a manuscript …  Google … there’s 100’s

•    Speaking agencies … Speakers Bureau, Ovations, Booked Out, Speakers Inc

Download submission guidelines via Google,  or find in writing mags and sites like Queensland Writers Centre.

How do I Receive Personal Invitations?
I developed  personal face-to-face and online relationships with writers, my potential readers, writing groups and organizations, libraries, schools and the media. Many of my opportunities arrive via personal invitations and recommendations, opportunities that aren’t advertised on the net.

robot SQUEEE …. AUGUST is Sci-Fi Fantasy Month at Logan North Library
Logan North Library invited me to be part of their SupaNova activities. I’ll be presenting two unique author sessions to children and adults.

Blast Off  with JOSH VS LORD TERRA

On 17th August at 10:30 I’ll  launch the opening chapters from JOSH VS LORD TERRA , Book 2 of the Super Space Kids series to the Junior Book Club at Logan North Library. Kids, please come along dressed as your favourite sci-fi character for the chance to win SUPER prizes. Wednesday is Brisbane’s Show Day Holiday …  Book 3412 4140

How to Build Your Writer’s Platform

On Tuesday 30th August at 6.30pm @ Logan North Library I’ll share my SECRETS on building strong face-to-face and online relationships. I’ll announce details of my personal CASE STUDY,  featured in a Marketing Book for authors.  Launched soon.

Please come along and be info-tained with a FREE Power Point presentation and receive  FREE handouts on How to get Published and How to Build your Writers Platform …  Please Book 3412 4140

Please put these dates in your diary and watch out for these invitations.

Fingers crossed you’ll respond with a YES, I’M ATTENDING.

**Thank you UNIVERSE for these  intergalactic  opportunities … I can’t wait !!!**

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13 comments to How to MAXIMIZE every Writing & Speaking Opportunity

  • Steph L

    Hi Karen – way to go girl!

    Hope to make 1 or both of the august events (car and mental health willing!) Hope there is FREE coffee at the night event 🙂

    I am pretty sure that the Gold Coast has a different show day to Brisbane, so might have to discover Josh by myself and just tell the girls about it when I get home.

    all the best

  • Thanks Steph, I really appreciate it. You share equal place as my number one supporter and fan :))
    I’ll make sure coffee and biccies are available for the Tuesday night event :)) Thanks so much.

  • john l malone

    a good blog, Karen. With all your determination, clueyness and gusto you’re just going to succeed !

  • Thanks John, Sometimes I feel I’m bashing my creative head against a brick wall. But something will have to give, won’t it?

  • Not a question of IF with you Karen but WHEN. Thanks for informative blog and good luck with all those great sessions and workshops ahead. Dimity

  • Thanks Dimity. Really appreciate you saying that!
    The publishing journey is both exhilarating and frustrating. These two author sessions will give me an emotional boost, so I can visualize what could be.
    Good luck with all your writing and speaking endeavors:))

  • Joanna Gaudry

    More great advice, Karen.

    I still think you should collate your writing advice (succinct as it is -particularly the bullet points) into a little book/resource – even if you have to self publish it. Would be handy for a lot of people.

    Can’t make your events, sorry, but I wish you all the best with them.

    Bye for now,

    Joanna :))

  • Thanks Joanna for popping in and suggesting that “Little Book of Advice”. Great idea.

    Thanks for the good luck wishes for my author events. Karen :))

  • That’s excellent Karen. You certainly are very proactive. I don’t know how you keep up the enthusiasm. I mean, contacting libraries and schools etc. I wouldn’t know where to begin. Perhaps one thing, please don’t Scree.. whatever that


  • Lexie Mitchell

    I can’t better what everyone is saying to you. You are amazing. I have to agree that it won’t be if but definitely when.

  • Hi Anthony, I’m going through a pro-active practical stage, researching potential “chances” to the max.
    About libraries … that was easy. I’ve led a crime writing group in a local library conference room for three years. And advertised membership through library networks.
    About schools … If you’re a teacher and/or write Kids Books, that’s the perfect introduction
    Anthony, I hope to let out a blood-curdling SCREE before the year is out … So you better block your ears :))

  • Hi Lexie, I’ve sent out submissions for competitions I thought I wasn’t eligible for. After a bit of research, discovered to my SURPRISE that I could enter.
    I’m on a “high” at the moment with that and the author sessions coming up :))

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