Fire’s Stoked

I’ve placed Fire Starters in my Writing hearth, all set to ignite.
Ready to set ablaze any time now.
Then … Whoosh! Off it could go!

Here’s my latest Fire-Starters.

•    Queensland Writers Centre invited me on their Blog Tour to answer all their Questions. I’ll be Revealing ALL, early November on this website and linked to QWC.

•    At the Brisbane Writers Festival I approached a certain Literary Agent with a powerful pitch on ‘Me and Her: a Memoir of Madness’. She then requested my manuscript. I’m now waiting for her decision to sign me up as a Writer.

•    I’ve made it to Jonathan Crossfield’s Best Writing Blogs list as a Newcomer @ Number 118. Woohoo! Waiting to hear the latest figures on his next list. Thanks everyone for your support with Karen’s BLOG.

•     A publisher requested the FULL manuscript of ‘Me and Her’ on the 1st September and they are NOW considering it for publication. I hope to hear from them very soon. 

Fingers and Toes crossed. XX  XX  XX XX

Anyone have a match?

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