Elevator Pitch

How do you write a Elevator Pitch that will sell your book to a Publisher or an Literary Agent?
You create an unforgettable blurb that will catch their attention … A snappy sentence that contains who and what, with a very captivating why.
Think …What’s your story really about?  What makes your story unique? … and so intriguing?

•    Check out the TV guide to get ideas on how movie blurbs are written.
•    Make it clear, powerful and visual.
•    Tweak a one-liner, substituting the strongest nouns and verbs imaginable.
•    Write a short 6-word pitch, turn it into a longer 12-word pitch.

Where can you deliver your Elevator Pitch?

•    In query letters in the very first paragraph  … asking if you can send your manuscript.
•    In cover letters with the requested manuscript.
•    Synopsis … in the first or second sentence.
•    Blurbs on promotional postcards.
•    Delivering your pitch face-to-face to a Publisher or Agent

Last year at a Queensland Writers Centre cocktail party, I had an unique opportunity to meet Australia’s TOP  Literary Agent. After I introduced myself as a writer, she said …
‘Sorry, I’m not taking on anymore writers.’
…’But I have a pitch that could change your mind,’ I said.
‘Okay, hit me with it.’

I sucked in a lungful of air …
‘After parents at my school harass me, my Personality begins to change.’

… my elevator pitch for “ME AND HER: a Memoir of Madness.”
This pitch made her do a double-take! …’Okay, send me your manuscript’.

What’s your elevator pitch?
Is it ready to roll off your tongue when an opportunity arrives?


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10 comments to Elevator Pitch

  • Excellent post, Karen. I remember you telling me about that pitch last year. Good luck with your speech at the RADF Expo tomorrow. I won’t be able to make it after all. All the best, Joanna :))

  • Great tips on elevator pitches for authors. Love the suggestion to read the TV guide – I would never have thought of that!

  • Thanks Joanna, for coming back to repost this comment. Thanks for your never-ending support. You’re a true friend :)) We’ll Catch up another time :))

  • Thanks Jeannie, for reposting this comment. Its even better than the original comment. LOL. I’m glad you like the Movie Guide Tip :))

  • This is an excellent post, Karen! Also like the suggestion about the TV guide – it’s not something I would have thought of.

    Now that I’ve got the basic pitch done (thanks to your very helpful tips!) I’m going to fine-tune it and stick it in my synopsis before I send it away to the retreat judges.

    I’m so glad for this post, it’s helped me a lot! Thanks!

    xx a

  • Hi Amber, I’m so glad this BLOG helped you to rewrite the pitch in your synopsis. A strong Pitch can help to nail an agent, a publisher and win a Retreat competition.
    I wish you all the best with your tweaking and fine-tuning … Karen :))

  • FANTASTIC post! Great advice! Thanks! I hadn’t thought much about the elevator pitch, but I will now!

  • Thanks Alison, don’t under estimate the power of the pitch!! You don’t know when or where you might need it. Its got to just roll off your tongue … or your pen … Karen :))

  • […] Aspiring author Karen Tyrrell recently wrote a thought-provoking post on elevator pitches and just what it takes to get your manuscript noticed by an agent or publisher. (If you haven’t read Karen’s post, you should! It contains lots of handy hints to get your pitch just right – read about it here). […]

  • Thanks Amber, for referring to my BlOG Post “Elevator Pitch”. I’m glad I could help with your own pitch for your YA novel

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