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  • Gail Tagarro

    Thanks for sending me the link to your website, which I love. Well done with that, and so cool to hear you’re writing full time this year and achieving so much. Who designed your website? It’s simple but effective – I like that in websites just as much as in cooking!
    Am keeping very busy with editing lots of books, and I’m very happy being able to work from home with that. Recently gained a contract with a major educational publisher so am flat out with that book along with several others of my own clients including a novel, a PhD thesis and a work of non-fiction. May the work keep on rolling in!
    All the best and of course, we’ll keep in touch.
    Kind regards, Gail T.

  • Congratulations on your writing progress so far, and on your website. I’m sure that your energy will motivate others in the writing community to get their act together. Good luck with your completed manuscripts.

  • Gail, my son designed the site. He’s adding more features soon. Glad to hear your Editing is going so well.

  • Karly

    What a gorgeous photo for your web page, breath taking scenery. Just love the whole thing, you’ve done a spectacular job. Can’t wait to continue reading your updates!

  • lena ford

    Hi Karen, I enjoyed reading your site … and yes, you are brave enough to embark on a whole new life!! Well done! I look forward to reading the finished product and I wish you the very best in finding a publisher … it will happen. You have the determination and passion needed. Go for it!!!

  • Karen Tyrrell

    Hope the hunt for an Agent doesn’t take too long and that we’ll be reading all about this new hot writer taking the world by storm. From CUZ, Karen.

  • Jan Mills

    Dear Karen,
    I have just read my first web pages – Howzat! Really enjoyed reading it. Very easy to navigate. Look forward to learning more as your journey progresses.You are an inspiration to me and I am encouraged to continue writing all the stories in my head! Remember, each one of us is a unique creation of God, having a unique way of writing. Keep on keeping on and don’t allow doubts any room.

  • Deborah Elliott

    Your website looks great. You’re doing a good job on your blogs. You have the inspiration to go greater. You will do it. You will succeed. Best of wishes .

  • Sue-Anne

    Great website Karen, Ryan has done well to make it easy to get around. It all looks great and can’t wait to read the finished product. Good luck with it all.

  • Gail

    Hi Karen
    Am interested in the link to the Pre-editors and Editors website which you mentioned, but the link doesn’t work. Could you please send me the link as I need to check if I’m on there. Many thanks,
    Gail T
    PS Great stuff with what you’re doing and where you’re going. keep up the momentum.

  • Di Nicholson

    Hi Karen
    Sorry it took me so long to get on your website. My computer has been playing up but now I’m on and iIlove what you have done and what I have read. Keep up the great work and I can’t wait to read more.

  • John Young

    Hello karen,
    fancy having to twitter and then find a Brisbanite on the rampage through the writing world.
    As a mere male I have found it difficult to get past those feminine sentries at the publisher.
    I have two completed novels in a three part collection titled The cellars of Dreams; they are The Fuhrer Directs, Shelby House and Rothbury Park.
    I have also a complete autobiography of my 14 years grand parenting my two grandsons.7 childrens’ stories which are not currently commercial and my own bio in cameo form and there are three different styles.
    I will acknowledge you my twitter “grankie”. Crazy world when you come to think of it.

    regards Jack young.

  • Hi Karen
    Just read your breathtaking news! Well done! Fantastic! What more can I say. You deserve it!
    We’re on holidays at the moment but I’ll see you on July 12. Look forward to catching up. Would you like me to pick you up? I’d be glad of the company.

  • Hi Rob, Thanx for the offer. That would be wonderful! Thanx for those lovely words of support too, Karen.X

  • Karen Tyrrell - Cousin

    Fantastic news that so many publishers and agents are interested in your books. Always knew they would be. Hope the news continues to be good – you deserve it for all your hard work.
    Well done … Karen Tyrrell Christchurch New Zealand

  • Hi Karen, Just checking out your website again… It has changed and looks awesome. As I’ve been reading your website I didn’t know you had such a raging personality.You put a smile on my face! Still trying to join your blog but with no avail.

  • Jan Mills

    Dear Karen,
    I think we will need a bottle of champers
    at our next Logan Crime Writers Meeting!
    I read this quote recently- it applies to you:
    ‘We should not let our fears hold us back from
    pursuing our hopes.’ (John F Kennedy)
    Cheers, Jan.

  • Thanx, Jan. That’s a beautiful Quote! … Hope the Celebrations come soon!… Karen

  • Karen Tyrrell

    Sounds like a great idea using your Public speaking skills. I totally understand the knees knocking brigade as when ever I have to speak to a group even about a subject that I can talk about for hours those butterflies keep buzzing in my stomach and I am sure everyone can see me shake. Just remember they cant its all in our minds.
    Good luck for tomorrow know that you WILL succeed
    Karen and David

  • Hi Karen, Nice to have met you on Twitter. I hope my explanation of tweetdeck made sense. If you use native twitter, you should really try it. It has it’s quirks but I couldn’t go back to regular twitter now. If you try it and need help, give me a shout or message someone else who uses it.

    I wish you all the best with publishing. I published a book in April but I went the self publishing route. I chose to publish a full color book with photos so it made it more expensive. There are cheaper alternatives for a regular paperback. I am working on a second book. A non-profit compilation of stories and poems by sufferers and others. I hope to go the cheaper route this time. I am not into the pain of begging to publishers. You might talk to Chipmunka publishing. They specialise in our sort of books and it may even be free. Don’t quote me. They choose certain work that is submitted.

    I invested in my book because I wanted it read. The main cost was in buying a supply of books. I could have avoided this cost or at least minimised it. I used the publisher Xlibris in the States and the service was great. My book is available on Amazon and other large retailers websites. Sales are slow but I gave too many away! I had two articles printed in local papers and I am very pleased on the whole. I did use the services of a freelance PR lady to put out a press release. I wouldn’t have got anywhere on my own.
    Best Regards, Clive xxx

  • Wow Clive, What a wealth of ideas! I’m checking everything out … Thanx so much. I wish you all the Best with your new book. Karen X

  • Karen: Sure relate to what you write. Unfortunately I’ve been in jail in addition to a couple of psych wards. I have been managing well for almost two years now by catching a possible episode early. Also have lost a couple of friends, but not the true ones. Check out my blog when you have a chance: God bless!

  • Hi Rita, Nice to find you Here. I’ve been well now for three years but still have to be on my guard. I’ll definitely check out your BLOG … ASAP.

  • Robin

    Hi Karen
    If you’re not careful someone will be asking you to be their campaign manager! Good luck with your ‘new look’ manuscript! Look forward to catching up on the 15th.
    Cheers Robin

  • Robin

    You little ripper! I knew it was only a matter of time before you were published. This is only the beginning Karen. Well done, I’m really happy for you!

  • Karen Tyrrell

    This was just not your time to be the winner but I know you soon will be. All the skills you are learning are only helping the process on the way and it will not be long before you are The Writer on Everyone’s Lips be it for Me and Her or your other types of writing. Under no circumstances are you to quit or feel down. Just keep hitting them hard until they have to submit to the superior quality of the Tyrrell writing !!! Keep going at all cost!!!

  • Thanx Karen, for that inspiring comment. I really do appreciate your support.

  • Montana

    Hi Karen,

    You are an amazing woman and I’m so proud of you! I have nothing but praise for your passion and dedication to get your story out there. I have read your Excerpt published by Beyond Blue, and it left me wanting to read more! Montana

  • Hi Karen congratulations on being printed in the Anthology.
    Great to see you are going for it.
    Kind regards

  • Karen I cant tell you how happy I am for you.
    You’ve clearly got the talent. That has never been in doubt
    and the drive to listen and learn is bringing success.
    Keep in touch

  • Karen Tyrrell

    Fantastic news Karen though I always knew that you would succeed. Just a matter of time. Keep me posted on developments and send the publishers your childrens book just in case they like that as well. Keep smiling and writing those words!!Well done

  • Robin

    I’d be having champers too! Fingers crossed, Karen. Sounds very, very promising. I’m sure if they liked the first 60 pages they’ll love the rest!

  • Karen Tyrrell

    Keep those brain juices flowing and very soon you will be recognised as the new and up and coming writer for Sci-Fi , and childrens books. There is always such a need for a decent book. Hang in there it is only a matter of time before you succeed.

  • Thanx Karen, Lovely for you to say! Posting a NEW BLOG right now… Titled … Publisher Likes it

  • Hi Karen Congratulations. That Publisher is great and very encouraging. I hope she takes your book when it is revised. Good luck with the other as well.

  • Jan Mills

    Dear Karen,
    You are such an inspirational person with so much enthusiasm for the craft of writing. In the short time I have known you, you have blessed me with the sharing of your friendship and knowledge.
    One day I also hope to have a publisher ‘interested’ in my words!
    Cheers, Jan xx
    Great works are performed not by strength but by perseverance. (Samuel Johnson)

  • Hi Thanx, I’m glad to know you too. Keep writing, learning and Rewriting. Karen XX

  • Karen, your world is opening up! Imagine, a Blog Tour. They couldn’t have chosen a better person. Congrats!

  • Thanx Robyn, I’m very Excited about the opportunity it opens … Can’t wait!

  • Karen Tyrrell

    See I will not say I told you so but realised ages ago it was only a matter of time before you would be recognised. To climb as many places in such a short time. Keep smiling and dont ever give up!! David and I are so proud of you!!

    Cousin Karen Christchurch New Zealand

  • Thanx so much CUZ, Karen. I really appreciate your kind words :))

  • Sameer Pandya

    Karen, I just discovered your web-site thanks to Steve – By any benchmark, your achievements in such a short time-frame is indeed inspirational and path-breaking. Best wishes on your book – I look forwrad to its publication. Chetna sends her regards.

  • Hi Sameer, It was a lovely surprise to see your comment here this morning. Thanks so much for your well-wishes and support. Please say Hi to Chetna for me.

  • Hi Karen,
    Love the Website, Very informative about what’s happening for your book, and it’s progress. This could be ‘Your rising tide’ and ‘Hope’ is all you need. Just follow that Yellow brick road and you’ll get there.
    ttfn Louisa

  • Hi Louisa, What a lovely surprise to see your comment here this morning! I’m glad we had a chance to reconnect at Macau. Glad you like my website. Thanx so much for your support and well-wishes. Karen :))

  • louisa

    If you are published you could find yourself wishing to WAIT.
    Your publisher could be asking for your next manuscript by a certain DATE.

    IT IS AS IT IS…….

  • Hi Louisa. Very WISE words, oh WISE One … So True So True … Cheers, Karen:))

  • Jan Mills

    Dear Karen,
    Thank you so much for ALL your help. I am truly blessed to have you to turn
    to as I fumble my way through the writing process. Took your advice re synopsis – much improved. Jan xx
    ‘Pain nourishes courage. You can’t be brave if
    you’ve only had wonderful things happen to you.’ (Mary Tyler Moore)

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