Bailey Beats the Blah Blog Tour Giveaway

I’m CELEBRATING!  Bailey Beats the Blah eBook and print book boosting KIDS self-esteem and self-respect is now available on Amazon

I’m GIVING away copies of Bailey Beats the Blah, a picture book assessment with the editor of Book Cover Cafe and signed artwork from illustrator Aaron Pocock on my BLOG HOP from November 3rd -18th.
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Download FREE teacher Notes, FREE children’s activities from   Bailey is aligned with Kids Matter national education program.
Bailey has received 5 STAR Reviews from Kids Book Review, teachers, counselors and Reviewers.

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Bailey Beats the Blah Giveaway

Help Stamp out the BLAH!
WIN:  Copies of Bailey Beats the Blah, a signed Bailey artwork by illustrator Aaron Pocock and a picture book assessment with chief editor at Book Cover Café.
Leave a comment on any of the 16 hops on the Bailey Beats the Blah tour Nov 3rd -18th.

If you want to win the artwork, please leave #artwork after your comment.
If you want to win the editor’s assessment, please leave #picbkassess after your comment.

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29 comments to Bailey Beats the Blah Blog Tour Giveaway

  • Stacey Gladman

    Congratulations, and happy to support your book. Fabulous promotion 🙂

  • Thanks Stacey for supporting Bailey Beats the Blah Giveaway.
    Good luck in submitting your entries … Please tell your Friends … Karen 🙂

  • annette

    Congratulations Karen .. delighted to support your book … have a granddaughter who may face changes next year … fantastic promotion .. best wishes Annette 😀

  • Thanks Annette for leaving a supportive comment here. Please follow my interviews & reviews. The MORE comments you leave the GREATER the chance of winning … Good luck … Karen 🙂

  • Ani Peters

    Congratulations Karen for writing such a fantastic children’s book giving children encouragement and empowerment so that they will feel better and perform better. I gladly support your new book, “Bailey beats the Blah” and wish you continued success with it.

  • I think you opened an excellent subject for children. Once people understand this kind of thing, they do better in accepting it and getting help. It’s like Tim Lott said ‘Children are beautiful because they possess something that we have all lost – the quality of innocence.’

  • Thanks Ani for your incredible support for Bailey Beats the Blah… Please follow the Reviews and Interviews to increase your chances of winning. Good luck … Karen 🙂

  • Thanks Sanet for your incredible support for Bailey Beats the Blah… Please leave comments on the Reviews and Interviews to increase your chances of winning. Good luck … Karen 🙂

  • Pamela Wrest

    Your work brings awareness of this subject & with it, hopefully more understanding. Like any subject, unless you have knowledge, stereotypes are relied on and the negative judgement and misunderstanding they sadly produce

  • Thanks Pam for your supportive comment and understanding of mental health and stereo types in mental illness… Good luck on the Blog Tour … Karen 🙂

  • kelly mcdonald

    Good luck on your tour karen. looks good!

  • Thanks for supporting Bailey Beats the Blah. If you want to win the artwork, please leave #artwork after your comment.
    If you want to win the editor’s assessment, please leave #picbkassess after your comment … Thanks 🙂

  • GOOD LUCK to you Karen. You deserve all the success you can get.

  • Thanks Lannah, for supporting Bailey Beats the Blah. Many thanks for your offer… I’ve replied to your email … Karen 🙂

  • Congratulations Karen! As you know I think you’re doing wonderful things for raising awareness about mental illness. This is yet another wonderful book! Boosting KIDS’ self-esteem and self-respect is a wonderful achievement. I wish you every success!

  • Thanks Vacen for leaving your comment of support. Please check out my reviews & interviews to the 20th. PS your Grand-kids will LOVE this book .. Karen 🙂

  • Terri Lamerton

    Hi Karen! Many many congratulations on all your success so far and for your courage and commitment in bringing greater awareness to our precious young ones. I really think one of the most important things we can do is to be wonderful role models ourselves and talk openly about our feelings and how we beat our own blah times. Your book is certainly a wonderful way to start this kind of conversation! I believe children learn so much from what they see, as well as from what they are told and so if for instance we say “I’m feeling such and such” and then they see us do something that helps us feel good, it goes in deep! Thanks beautiful!

  • Hi Terri,
    Thanks for all your amazing support for Bailey beats the blah. Coming along to my book launch. Recommending How Bailey can be used in the family discussion context. Please follow the Interviews and reviews. The more you comment, the greater the chance of winning a prize … Good luck 🙂

  • Melissa Walsh

    Think it’s wonderful your book helps kids explore their feelings in this area and for them to understand such feelings are ok. Giving little people validation – a sense of self belief and self acceptance. A wonderful achievement and contribution to the world

  • Hi Melissa, Thanks for checking out my Blog tour and leaving your very supportive comment on Bailey Beats the Blah … Karen 🙂

  • Hi Karen,
    Love this Book, what a great way to get kids talking with adults about their sad days! I will have my review on my blog soon. Hope the blog tour is going well, thanks for letting me be a part of it.

  • Thanks Jill, I love your enthusiasm! Thanks so much for posting the Blog Tour schedule prior to your own review. Thanks too for checking out the all interviews …and reviews. Looking forward to reading your Blog very soon… Karen 🙂

  • […] Beats The BLAH’ blog tour giveaway, leave a comment at the end of this post, or go to and leave a comment […]

  • I think the hand illustrations are wonderful. For recently published children’s books, there is only one other called “I Met a Monster on My Way to School One Day” – a 3+ age book, that has hand illustrated covers & not photo graphics, that I know of. So much more authentic & attracting!

    The topic is very important! As I’m sure you know, children are not born innately knowing various coping mechanisms for sadness, anxiety, worry, anger…..they need to be taught how to cope w/ their feelings and it is best when it is role-modeled for them, if the adults in their lives could remain aware of that. When they aren’t taught healthy ways to cope, they then use negative coping mechanisms such as bullying, using drugs to deal w/ the pain, acting out & getting in trouble w/ the schools or law enforcement making them “At-Risk” Teens for school failure or drop-out. Empowering children with effective skills is a large contribution to lessening the depression rate amongst our children. For that, you are making a major contribution to raising the awareness level among the parents, educators, and children. It is being received very well by those that have read it and reviewed it! Thank you Karen Tyrell for all your hard work. 🙂

  • Thanks Renee for coming here sharing the merits of Bailey Beats the Blah and how Bailey can be used to empower young lives … Karen 🙂

  • As a Child and Youth Worker and Mental Health Speaker, I am always excited to discover resources to help children develop increased resiliency, mental wellness and understanding. This sounds like a wonderful book! Looking forward to reading it someday and using it in classroom settings and one-on-one!

  • Hi Joy,
    Thanks for checking out my website. Lovely to hear your excitement over Bailey Beats the Blah and your plans to use it in classrooms and with one-to-one … Please check out my 5 STAR reviews from school counselors and Teachers
    … Karen 🙂

  • SFG

    This is great for empowering kids and helping them into better citizens of the world. Job well done.

  • Thanks SFG,
    for your awesome support of Bailey Beats the Blah. Please check out FREE children’s activities and Teachers notes on my website … Karen 🙂

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