ABC Radio Courier Mail Sir David Attenborough Story

ABC Radio Sir David Attenborough Great Barrier Reef Rescue by Karen Tyrrell

ABC Radio Courier Mail Sir David Attenborough Story with Author Karen Tyrrell.

 ABC Radio Brisbane and the Courier Mail interviewed me about David Attenborough’s congratulatory letter for my book, Song Bird Great Barrier Reef Rescue.

David Attenborough Great Barrier Reef Rescue

Song Bird Great Barrier Reef Rescue is my eco-mystery adventure, teaching kids how to care for the reef.

 How did Sir David Attenborough get involved?

My name is Karen Tyrrell award winning Logan author and teacher. I write books to empower kids to live strong, stop the bully and care for the environment. I’m an environmentalist, snorkeller and a huge supporter of Sir David Attenborough’s work, as seen on the Blue Planet TV series.

When Sir David pleaded,

‘The Great Barrier Reef is in grave danger. It’s time to step up.’

I took his challenge to heart, and wrote Great Barrier Reef Rescue to educate and empower kids to care for the reef … and to give them HOPE for the future.

 Tell me about Sir David Attenborough’s letter?

Three weeks ago, a friend suggested I post a signed copy of my book to Sir David Attenborough as he inspired me to write it.

Two weeks later, I received his personal letter back in the mail. I couldn’t believe it!

  Tell me about the Courier Mail News story

 Last week, co-author, Steve Tyrrell contacted the Courier Mail regarding my Sir David Attenborough letter without telling me.

To my surprise, the Courier Mail phoned me the next morning requesting an interview and a photo shoot with local children. Today, the story was published in the Courier Mail on page 19.

Courier Mail Brisbane Song Bird Great Barrier Reef Rescue by Karen Tyrrell

How did ABC Radio get involved?

Early this morning, ABC Brisbane radio announcer Rebecca Levingston rang, requesting an interview in their studios at 9.10 am. Steve and I were still dressed in our PJ’s. Very quickly, I threw myself into the shower. I grabbed my Song Bird Superhero costume and copies of our book,
Great Barrier Reef Rescue .

Bec Levingston with Karen Tyrrell

What did Bec from ABC radio ask you?

She asked to describe the sequence of events leading to Sir David’s letter to us. Here are some of the questions above and below.

Listen to ABC Radio PODCAST on YouTube HERE

 Is Great Barrier Reef Rescue a factual Book about the Great Barrier Reef?

It’s an eco-fantasy mystery adventure with superhero characters like Song Bird, Ocean Boy cyber-mermaids and Destructo, the environmental villain.  The action-packed story includes lots of scientific facts about the reef … and what we can do to save the reef.

Do you hope to get your book into the school curriculum?  Or is it just for kids to read at home?

Both. It contains important messages on sustainability and how to become an eco-warrior. We want it to be highly recommended by the Children’s Book Council of Australia, like they did for Song Bird Rainforest Rescue.

Where can I purchase Great Barrier Reef Rescue?

 ABC Radio Brisbane Song Bird Great Barrier Reef Rescue by Karen Tyrrell
Great Barrier Reef Rescue by Karen Tyrrell

Queensland Museum

Riverbend Books

Dymocks Indooroopilly & Dymocks North Lakes

Wild Cards & Gifts Hyperdome …. And many more bookshops

Online around the world.

Can you please spread the word … and comment below?

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4 comments to ABC Radio Courier Mail Sir David Attenborough Story

  • steve tyrrell

    Wow, what a busy few days. All because little Karen Tyrrell received a handwritten note from Sir David Attenborough!. True, but a lot of hard work has gone into Karen’s latest book. She IS passionate about the environment, and the Great Barrier Reef is her pet project because she loves it so much. Its wonderful she can contribute a bit more attention to the reefs plight, and her book will help children understand whats happening and empower them if they actually want to do something. Congratulation’s honey!

  • WOW! Thanks Steve, I can’t believe what happened today!!
    First The Courier Mail publishes a story on Sir David Attenborough’s letter, congratulating me on my children’s book Great Barrier Reef Rescue.
    AND then the ABC radio requests a LIVE interview.
    ALL in the SAME day. Unreal!
    I need to sit down and rest!
    Karen x

  • Annaleise Byrd

    Congratulations Karen!! The parcel bearing my copy of your book arrived at my house today too. 😀 Thanks!

  • Thanks Anna for your awesome support and following the after release journey of Song Bird: Great Barrier Reef Rescue.
    Thrilled you received your prize today. Hope you enjoy reading it. Love to get a photo with you holding Great Barrier Reef Rescue at Write Links. Cheers, Karen 🙂

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