MAXimise the Networking Power of Linked |in|.

li_brand_300dpi3 An International Publisher has requested ME AND HER: a Memoir of Madness , discovering me via Linked in. He is considering me right now for publication.

Linked |in|, professional networking platform has jump started my writing career, offering me amazing writing and publishing opportunities.

Last year Tim Sharp director of  The Happiness Institute discovered me on Linked in, requesting I write an article for their eNewsletter, circulating to 12K … These are just some of the extraordinary doors that have opened for me.

I’m now connected to over 600 direct contacts, my network reaching out to a possible 5 million people ….  Most of my new friends are writers, editors, publishers or supporters.

How did I secure MAXIMUM results for the least amount of effort?

I’m sharing my personal Secrets for Success … Here’s what you do …

•    amp your personal profile with significant milestones and achievements
•    list your top specialities in the profile section
•    secure recommendations from your colleagues for the VIP work that you do and in return recommend them too.
•    link in your weekly BLOGS to your home page using the Blog Link or Word press application
•    describe your present and past employment, and education in an intriguing way
•   promote your membership to groups and associations
•    check out who’s peeked at your profile page. Add them as friends.
•    connect with a wide range of friends and be-friend their friends.
•    participate in Linked in interest groups for live discussions

Every day make sure you upload a captivating status that will gain the attention of your contacts. Make sure its automatically duplicated to your Twitter account.

Linked |in| is the most under-rated and most powerful networking site.

Please Link in with me  and feel the POWER of linked in.

** What successes have you had with Linked In? **

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8 comments to MAXimise the Networking Power of Linked |in|.

  • Mitch

    Congrats Karen with your success with Linked in, especially with the publisher. Thanks for sharing your practical tips too.

  • This is excellent advice Karen-your such a wealth of support to writer’s, I am very happy indeed to be Linked in with you there!
    Rebecca xx

  • Thanks Mitch, I’m loving the response I’m getting over there at linked in. I LOVE linked in :))

  • Joanna Gaudry

    Excellent networking, Karen. I’m no longer with Linked In, but it’s certainly worked for you. Great news. Joanna :))

  • Thanks Rebecca, I researched Linked in for a week and then simplified my tips. Great to be linked in with you too :))

  • Thanks Joanna, I love going over to Linked in to find out who’s been checking me out :))

  • Debbie Johansson

    Congratulations on getting the attention from a publisher through LinkedIn. I’m glad it’s working for you. I’ll take some of your suggestions on board – mine is pretty basic! 😉

  • Thanks Debbie, I was amazed when a Publisher on Linked in came from nowhere to ask me questions about my memoir and request to read it. I’m glad my suggestions on upgrading your profile were helpful … Happy writing :))

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