NOMINATED– Guess What? … I’m Nominated!!

SQUEEEE … This week I celebrate exciting NEW opportunities in my writing life. After completing Kids Sci-Fi JOSH VS. LORD TERRA, the timing was perfect to reflect and review my writers platform, and plan for the future.

Firstly, welcome to my NEW LOOK website with the latest badges, buttons and gizmos.

Gaze over […]

MAXimise the Networking Power of Linked |in|.

An International Publisher has requested ME AND HER: a Memoir of Madness , discovering me via Linked in. He is considering me right now for publication.

Linked |in|, professional networking platform has jump started my writing career, offering me amazing writing and publishing opportunities.

Last year Tim Sharp director of The Happiness Institute […]

Pays to Advertise

I’m a Writer … a solitary creature, tucked away by myself, typing stories without contact with the outside world.


There’s so many new opportunities for writers to strut their stuff to the planet!

And I’m blatantly doing it, with bells and whistles on!

• Facebook presents a unique opportunity to link up with other […]