TV Interview Violence in Schools Today Tonight

Today Tonight interviewed me as a bullied Australian teacher now mental health advocate for their TV investigation Violence in Schools.

Today Tonight filmed me flicking through my tell-all story Me and Her: A Memoir of Madness, how I was catapulted from abused teacher into the psychiatric system suffering night terrors, mania and PTSD.

Me and Her won finalist in the Mental Health week achievement awards for sharing my recovery.

Today Tonight began with shocking statistics of violent behaviour in schools.

“Principals have handed out more than 180,000 suspensions nationwide in 2011 and 20,000 were for inappropriate physical behaviour …There were 6971 suspensions for violent behaviour in New South Wales, 221 of those involved weapons … Queensland state schools have handed out 1000 suspensions to five-year-old students since 2010.”

Today Tonight introduced me … “School teacher and author Karen Tyrrell was diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder after being attacked.

Ms Tyrrell says she doesn’t believe the children were bad, instead she says they were damaged.

“She hopes her books on mental health will help children like the ones who terrorized her.”

Me and Her: A Memoir of Madness narrates my journey into and out of abuse and mental illness back to living a happy, healthy life again.

I’m so proud Me and Her won finalist in the Mental Health achievement awards and *4.7  STAR* reviews on Amazon.

Read #20 Free pages of Me and Her HERE


Me and Him: A Guide to Recovery empowers parents, teachers and families to cope with bullying and violence, or who are recovering from PTSD, bipolar, anxiety and depression.

One in seven young children will have a mental health problem during their time in primary school and the rates increase to one in four once they enter high school.

I urge parents, teachers and kids to learn resilience skills as outlined in Me and Him.

Me and Him won the support of mental health CEOs and  *4.7  STAR* reviews on Amazon.

Read #15 Free pages of Me and Him HERE

I’m thrilled channel 7 listed my website and Amazon links on their Violence in Schools page …. Watch video below

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