Steve Tyrrell Author Presenter Creative

Steve TyrrellSteve Tyrrell Author Presenter Creative

Meet Steve Tyrrell: children’s author, presenter, creative director of Digital Future Press.

SHH! Steve doesn’t know I wrote this blog about him … But he soon will. (Ha-Ha)

I’m so proud of Steve Tyrrell, loving husband to me, Karen Tyrrell, my best friend and father of our two kids … Steve holds two degrees, one in business, one in marketing.

 Little known fact … Steve attracts small children, wild birds and pets with his magnetic smile and personality wherever he goes.

Steve Tyrrell

Meet Steve Tyrrell

I owe everything to Steve Tyrrell

A decade ago, I reached rock bottom when parents bullied me as a teacher, triggering mental illness within me. Steve supported me through the other side to full recovery. His love and never-give-up attitude made me the resilient person I am today. He encouraged me to write two memoirs about our recovery …

Steve Tyrrell

With our two books Me and Her: A Memoir of Madness AND Me and Him: a Guide to Recovery

What’s Steve Tyrrell passionate about?

Steve is hopelessly addicted to reading. He reads up to 3 books a week. He’s an excellent cook, golfer, gym junkie, hiker, traveler, motivational speaker, comedic performer …  and writer.

Steve Tyrrell

How did Steve Tyrrell begin his creative journey?

Over 30 years ago, I met Steve when we were both students. He vowed one day he’d become an author and he did…  just two years ago.

What role does Steve Tyrrell play at Digital Future Press?

  1. Steve provides honest feedback and suggestions to all my eleven empowering books for adults and children. HERE

  1. Steve guest authored two chapters in each book of the Song Bird series for children. HERE

Please check out Song Bird Superhero (Song Bird #1)

The Battle of Bug World (Song Bird #2)

Song Bird #3 is coming soon

  1. Steve co-presented fun book shows with me (Karen Tyrrell) including pantomimes, puppet shows with costumes, props and humor.
Steve Tyrrell

Harry Help Grandpa Pantomime coming 7th Aug 10am Hyperdome library.

  1. Steve co-presented author talks on resilience, well-being and self-care to schools, libraries and conferences.
  2.  His favourite character is the evil Destructo which we co-created for the Song Bird series.
Steve Tyrrell

Steve Tyrrell … as the evil Destructo

What do YOU like best about Steve?

Steve is a humble person who would never think to write a blog about himself.

Well, I wrote this for him, to share my love and his talent.

Do you have a creative partner?

Please feel free to comment below.

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14 comments to Steve Tyrrell Author Presenter Creative

  • Steve Tyrrell

    What a nice surprise, beautiful words Karen , bit over the top though! All my love right back at you

  • Hi Steve,
    Its the truth!
    About time, the world knows about how you guest authored 6 chapters in the Song Bird Series … and all the other creative things you do.
    Love Karen xx

  • Lovely to get to know a little more about the man behind the superwoman, Karen. What a lovely tribute to Steve.

  • Thanks Norah,
    For dropping me to check out how amazingly creative, Steve is.
    I caught Steve smiling as he read this blog.
    Karen x

  • Two wonderful people….God Bless and continued success to you both…💯❤️

  • Thanks Diane for traveling part of this journey with us.
    There’s more to come!
    Karen 🙂

  • Jacqui Halpin

    What a lovely post, Karen! And well deserved praise, Steve!! 🙂

  • Thanks Jacqui,
    You’ve traveled some of our journey with us.
    Thanks for supporting all the creative things Steve does behind the scenes and in the “forefront”.
    Karen x

  • Steve Greenwood

    Stevie Tyrrell, you are a champion. Good on you for getting out there and making a difference.

  • Loved your story. Best wishes to you both.

  • Hi Jean,
    Thanks for checking out Steve’s story. Thanks too for joining our group, We Are Writers.
    Please stay tuned for more Blogs about writing and publishing …
    Karen 🙂

  • Hi Steve,
    Thanks so much for your kind words about Steve.
    He blushed when I told him..
    I remembered meeting you a few times at work.
    Karen x

  • Lena

    You two are an amazing partnership in so many ways!
    As a neighbour, I have seen you as a family and as a couple; such commitment and dedication to each other are rare and you manage both with honesty and truly being part of each other’s lives. You are wonderful models for your children and all who know you.
    Congratulations and well done!

  • Thanks so much Lena,
    You really blew Steve and I away when we read your very kind comment.
    Wonderful to have you as a neighbour and as a friend.
    Cheers, Karen & Steve xx

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