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Woohoo! … Finally Published!
Beyond Blue has published an excerpt from my book, Me and Her: a Memoir of Madness and its titled The Panel. It’s a compressed version of Chapter 8.

Background of the Panel … The Police had incarcerated me into a psychiatric hospital and four weeks later I appeared in front of the Review Panel, desperately trying to reverse the Involuntary Treatment Order, forcing me to remain in hospital.  The excerpt reveals the anguish and confusion I suffered when my inquisitors interrogated me.

… I’m ecstatic to have an organisation like Beyond Blue endorsing my writing and my message. They are well respected in the community for their work and support for those experiencing Anxiety, Depression, Post Natal Depression and Bipolar Disorder.

This is the first time a sample from ‘Me and Her’ has been Published anywhere for the public to read … And I’m absolutely chuffed!

Please enjoy this free appetiser. The juicy bits were Edited out but I hope this tantalises your taste buds, leaving you begging for more!

… Click Here…

What did you think? … Please let me know.

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