World Suicide Prevention Day

Let’s unite to bring suicide out of the shadows into the LIGHT of awareness, hope, recovery and prevention. I’m so passionate about suicide prevention and saving people’s lives.

WHY am I so passionate?

I know what it’s like to feel alone, overwhelmed and without hope. Once I experienced dark days in the depths of mania […]

My Story Published on Queensland Health Website

Queensland Health invited me to be part of a cutting edge mental health media campaign! Last October, during Mental Health week, Queensland Health launched the Change Our Minds initiative addressing stigma and discrimination. Immediately, I thought of the attention grabbing Emily TV ad. ‘I can treat my mental illness … How you treat me because […]

Radio Interview Exposé on ME AND HER: a Memoir of Madness.

Today 4BC Radio Brisbane (111.6 AM) interviewed me LIVE about my gutsy memoir, ME AND HER: a Memoir of Madness. I revealed how parents at my school harassed me, teacher Karen Tyrrell, to breaking point and Beyond. I gulped deep breaths throughout the interview … Could I really be that Brave?

Why the Interview NOW? […]

Please *Support* my PlanBIG Dream to Publish ME AND HER

I’m requesting YOU and members of the PlanBIG community to *support* my pro-active quest to publish ME AND HER :a Memoir of Madness, my gutsy tell-all memoir, encapsulating triumph over adversity … I’m NEVER, ever giving up till I see my book in print! … Supporting PlanBIG only takes 30 seconds of your time!


SQUEE! I’m Finalist in Mental Health Week Writing Comp

SQUEEE! This week I’m celebrating Mental Health Week, the ultimate opportunity to share my story of recovery and hope. I’m pouring all my creative energies into pushing mental health issues to the forefront.

Last Sunday I launched the Life Writing program which Queensland Health contracted me as co-facilitator. I delivered the first two sessions to […]

Is Bipolar Disorder a DiVine Ability or a Disability?

Disability magazine, DiVine interviewed me about my fiction writing obsession and my (Dis) Ability … wanting to unveil the truth about the effect of bipolar on my writing.

Graham Clements, writer for DiVine magazine quizzed me with probing questions about my creativity and bipolar disorder.

Down through history, creative minds like Beethoven, Van Gough, Virginia […]

Beyond Blue

Beyond Blue published my brand-new Story of Hope on their website. Beyond Blue requested I write a personal recount of my Recovery from Bipolar Disorder for their newly relaunched Our Stories section.

Australia’s HUGE mental health organization, supports my memoir, ME AND HER: a Memoir of Madness and my mental health newsletter, ME AND HER. […]

Open Sesame

Yesterday morning a door SLAMMED in my face … several tears followed.

In the afternoon my Secret Genie cast a spell … a Double-Door FLUNG OPEN, offering bigger opportunities.

Someone from the Mental Health Association Queensland rang me, inquiring about my writing expertise and how we might help each other. First up, they asked me […]

Sneak Peak

Woohoo! … Finally Published! Beyond Blue has published an excerpt from my book, Me and Her: a Memoir of Madness and its titled The Panel. It’s a compressed version of Chapter 8.

Background of the Panel … The Police had incarcerated me into a psychiatric hospital and four weeks later I appeared in front of […]


Yesterday Beyond Blue invited me to join their blueVoices national reference group. I was stoked! … Not in my wildest dreams did I ever imagine BB asking me this!

I said YES!

As a member, I’ll be expected to voice my personal experiences on their committees, on community awareness campaigns and research studies.

In the […]