My *New Campaign* to get Me and Her: a Memoir of Madness published …  is now unleashed!

I’m gathering my faithful troops, reloading my weapons and plotting a Counter Attack.

ME AND HER # 2 is officially launched!

The new “Me and Her” is sharper, more insightful and more revealing.

The reader will truly know what it feels to walk and talk Bipolar and understand

the anguish my friends and family endured.

(Thanks to a Publisher for your suggestions and Kim Wilkins for your inspiration and structural checklist with Year of the Edit.)

My story encapsulates triumph over adversity with a compelling message,  now even more poignant.

… And to all those Publishers who now hold my Book Proposal and sample chapters,

when you request my Full Manuscript you are going to get one Almighty surprise!

… But this *New Campaign* is futile without your support!

Please show the Publishers that you count yourself as a member of  the growing Army of

Supporters who want this book Published!

This post is updated and edited.

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5 comments to Unleashed!

  • Joanna Gaudry

    Good on you, Karen! You tell the world! You let those publishers know what’s in the offing! You’ve worked mighty hard on this rewrite. Joanna :))

  • Stevey

    Is this the sort of illness that can be cured or is it put into remission? I think the word “cured” is over rated, from my personal experience.

  • Jayne Kearney

    You rock Karen. Absolutely love your spunk and determination.

  • Hi Stevey, I’ve never said I’m cured! I walk the fine line between Wellness and Illness, forever vigilant of triggers and symptoms.

  • Esy

    I admire your bravery and tenacity. Karen, you will succeed.

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