How Did I RECOVER from Mental Illness?

Today my mental illness Recovery story was published on CHAN6ES Website. Xs Tyne, co-director of CHAN6ES revealed my gutsy exposé, ME and HER: A Memoir Of Madness and how I changed from HER back into ME.

Launching Karen’s STORY…

When I was a primary school teacher, parents at my school repeatedly harassed me to breaking point, inflicting verbal, written and psychological abuse on a daily basis…Then they accused me of physically abusing their child. The education system investigated their claims. I crumpled under extreme pressure and developed stress and anxiety, leading to night terrors and sleep deprivation.

“In May 2005, my mad half, HER was born.”
I became manic and psychotic, escaping to a lonely motel to hide away. Police and a medical team incarcerated me in a psyche ward as an involuntary patient.

How did I CHAN6E my Lifestyle?

Over time I developed my own individual wellness plan, by trialling coping strategies until I discovered which ones worked for me.

#10 SECRETS to Mental Health

1.    Be determined to recover, that’s your driving force

2.    Learn everything about your illness. Accept your diagnosis and treatment plan.

3.    Start your day with a brisk walk with positive gratitude.

4.    Write in a free flow of consciousness way, scribbling down exactly what’s on my mind. Write your way to recovery, expressing your angst on the page, helping to balance your emotions.

5.    Eat a healthy natural diet with lots of raw nuts, fruits and vegetables.

6.    Engage in a calming pre-sleep routine.

7.    Explore and practice meditation and visualization techniques

8.    Practice the philosophy of Mindfulness, by living in the NOW.

9.    Enlist a strong support network which will monitor and guide you to Recovery.

10.    Develop your own individual wellness plan.

How did my Wellness Plan CHAN6E my Mental illness into Mental health?

I changed ME from the inside out, transforming my everyday lifestyle and routines to pro-actives ones, empowering me to Recover. I changed the worry “what-if” buzz in my head to positive self-talk.  I discovered what my triggers were (long term stress and insomnia) and I learned how to minimize them. I’m proud to say, I’ve become a pro-active mental health advocate and author, disclosing my guide to Recovery and tools for wellness in my memoir, Me and Her: A Memoir Of Madness.

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For the FULL STORY please go to Changing Your Mind With Me & Her on Chan6es … Scroll down … check the left side. But please don’t forget to come back here …

**If I can RECOVER from the depths of psychosis and mania … imagine what YOU can do?

**What CHAN6ES are you making to improve your Mental Health?

** What Mental Wellness tip was the MOST benefit to you?

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