Introducing Robin Adolphs, Children’s Author eXtraordinaire

Robin Adolphs, children’s author eXtraordinaire launched her two latest books, The Pile Up and Yesterday, I played in the Rain to a sell-out crowd in Brisbane last week.

I watched mesmerized as Robin and her animated cast dressed in colourful costumes, captured the attention of her enthusiastic young audience.

Robin Adolphs is an experienced primary school teacher and speaker, delivering dynamic writing workshops in schools and libraries with interactive learning activities for children. She combines Learning with Play.

The Pile Up”

THE  PILE UP Delivers a snappy rhyming picture book for primary school kids who love to race their bikes, their skate boards and their scooters.

Kids will LOVE the cheeky cartoon characters illustrated by talented illustrator, Trevor Salter.

“It’s the yearly event
In the neighbourhood street
When bikes, boards and scooters
All meet to compete.

Who’ll take out the race?
Crowds gather to see
But no-one can guess
Who the winner will be.” … Highly recommended  for sharing, listening, reading and group reading.

“Yesterday, I played in the Rain”                                                                                                                                                  

YESTERDAY, I PLAYED IN THE RAIN celebrates the sheer exuberance of playing and splashing in the rain, especially if you’re a member of the duck family.

This picture book is highly recommended  for group reading and one-on-one for toddlers, pre-schoolers, preps and up. Illustrator, Heather Dale adds to the fun and humor with her  joyful duck family pictures.

Why is Robin Adolphs a Best Selling Author?

Please check out Robyn’s FREE interactive children’s games, puzzles and activities on her website suitable to educate and entertain kids and grownups at home and school.

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Robin’s books are published in Australia, now available online at Amazon both as picture books and eBooks.

Just click on these Amazon links for MORE book-a-licious details.
The Pile Up    and … Yesterday, I played in the Rain

I urge you, to get hold of these must-read books ASAP.

Your kids, your students and grand-kids will ADORE them! And beg you to read them OVER and OVER.
Please spread the news about Robin Adolphs, children’s author eXtraordinaire.

What would you Like to Know about Robin’s picture books or HOW she combines learning with PLAY?

Please ask Robin a question, and she’ll will be back to answer them as soon as she can.

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10 comments to Introducing Robin Adolphs, Children’s Author eXtraordinaire

  • Hi Everyone
    A big, big thank you to Karen for reviewing my books and introducing me to the world. I’ll be here to answer any questions you may have for me about my picture books and FREE activities, my other books and author events.
    Talk to you soon!

  • Art Antonious

    Hi Robin,

    Nice to meet you via my dear friend Karen Tyrrell. My name is Art Antonious and I am always inspired and encouraged by enthusiastic teachers like yourself and Karen. I taught Mathematics for Finance at Uni & Accounting & Tax Law at TAFE for a number of years. As you would no doubt appreciate being a teacher yourself, just how dry and boring Maths and Accounting can be as subjects to teach mature age students. I was wondering from your personal experience teaching youngsters, what would you say are the key ingredients to make learning fun and alive, please?

  • Thanks Robin, for dropping in to share your wisdom about picture books. Your latest book launch inspired me with all your interactive activities. You made the room BUZZ with excitement. Good luck with your book tour and all your upcoming author events. I’m looking forward to all the Readers, teachers, supporters and parents here, dropping by to ask you a question … Karen 🙂

  • Great question, Art. Robin will be here shortly to answer your question … Karen 🙂

  • Art Antonious

    Thank you Karen for giving me the opportunity to talk to Robin 🙂

  • Hi Art, Nice to meet you too and thanks for contacting me.
    Just because you asked the question makes me think that your lessons are fun and alive anyway. However, a major key ingredient for me is to engage the students in the lesson. Nothing worse than having someone talk at you (for too long anyway). Engaging your audience I believe means involving the students in the lesson, making things relevant and interesting, bringing the subject to life and being a little unpredictable. I try to think of interesting ways to present material and to cater for learning styles. Hand-on work is good, challenges and team work. Of course, having a lecturer (that’s you) with warmth, humour and passion for your subject helps too. Love for you to share some of your techniques for engaging your students. Cheers and thanks again. Robin

  • Art Antonious

    Thanks for sharing those insightful thoughts, Robin. I sincerely appreciate you taking the time out to answer my question. I believe leaning styles have changed over the years and they are moving away from the chalk & talk style to more self directed learning. Because of my personal experience in high school in the 70’s having had a very stern and serious Maths teacher who just couldn’t stand anyone smiling in the class, I grew up and vowed to myself to try and make learning fun as much as possible. My Maths teacher disliked me so much when I was in 3rd Form (Year 9) because I would smile and try to make my school mates laugh as well. The whole class tried so hard to follow our teacher who just had his back to us all the time mumbling to the black board and reading out from the maths text book as he wrote out the lesson on the blackboard without any explanations. He actually failed me in mid year exam deliberately and wrote on my school report in the comments column verbatim the words “Art is a complete fool in class and will never amount to any thing in life”. I still have that report from nearly 40 years ago and my two grown up sons still get a good laugh every time they see my old school report! 🙂 Fortunately my dad supported me and saw the head teacher and they ended up remarking my exam paper and the final mark was 96%!
    You also suggested making sure I engage all my students in one way or another as part of the learning process. I personally used simple mathematical quizzes, we started the class with joke of the day which every one came prepared and eager to learn maths, to my surprise 🙂 I also awarded students with a lot of positive reinforcements and praise. I have earned their respect and trust to the point that every one knew when to laugh and when to knuckle down and get the lesson done.

  • They both sound like fun books. Thanks for letting me know about them.

  • Thanks Dale, for checking out Robin Adolphs’ fabulous picture books. Please check out Her site for FREE interactive activities.

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