My Brave LIFE Story Published in a Magazine


How I did I triumph over Bipolar Disorder?

How did I change my life from a mental illness victim to a pro-active mental health advocate, speaker and author?

Louise Crossley, editor from e-magazine, Essentially Me requested my gritty life story to be disclosed in her Spring Edition, OUT TODAY. She wanted my personal snapshot to reflect the intensity of the human spirit, the persistence and power of determination.

Essentially Me’s philosophy is about ordinary people sharing their extraordinary stories of triumph over adversity, to inspire, to motivate and assist community understanding.

Here’s a glimpse of my revealing Exposé …

Six years ago Police arrived at my covert motel hideaway, thumping on the door, insisting I give myself up. An ambulance forcibly escorted me to a psyche hospital in Brisbane, where they incarcerated me away from my family.

Let me take you back to when it all began. In 2005, after being repeatedly harassed by parents at my school, my personality began to change. I became extremely stressed and anxious, developing acute insomnia and unpredictable panic attacks. I feared returning to teaching but conversely I developed hypomania, feeling absolutely euphoric, developing an obsessive compulsion to write. Passionately, I began creating ME AND HER: a Memoir of Madness, reflecting on what was happening to me.

Please read the FULL STORY by scrolling down to MENTAL HEALTH ADVOCATE at: click on READ MORE and then pop back here.

What did you think? … Did I reveal too many personal details?

Louise has generously coined me a PURPLE HERO, a survivor and a rescuer. A PURPLE HERO endures suffering and succeeds, coming through the other side, making a difference in their own lives and in the lives of others.

I’m proud of my determination to recover from severe Bipolar Disorder and becoming facilitator of my community Life Writing program for mental health patients … I believe in the cathartic effect of writing.

I’m hoping  my magazine story will lift the stigma of mental illness and open the community’s hearts and minds.

Are you willing to open your heart and mind about mental illness? … And embrace the  possibility of recovery?

I’m in awe of Louise’s past & present contributors and support her celebration of the untapped heroism of achievers amid adversity.

Do you know any PURPLE HEROES?

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28 comments to My Brave LIFE Story Published in a Magazine

  • Sue

    Congratulations Karen for sharing your brave and inspirational story with us.
    I’m so proud of your recovery and the fact you’re trying to help others. Keep up the good work. XX

  • Well done and best of luck with the new ventures. You’re certainly very busy. I don’t know how you find the time to fit it all in.
    Let’s hope you get that book published soon.


  • Hi Sue, Thanks so much for all your generous support and kind comments. I’m trying my best to do what I can 🙂

  • Your such an inspirational, brave woman Karen making a real difference, touching lives, inspiring and being a strong, powerful role model and spokeswoman.
    This is brilliant.
    Rebecca xx

  • Thanks Anthony for all your support. My Life Writing Program is only 4 hours per week, which I can easily fit in.
    I’m developing a KICK-ASS Book proposal for my memoir, which I hope will get it published soon :))

  • Thanks Rebecca for your friendship and very kind support. xx
    Am I Brave?
    That opening paragraph in the MAG story put in in a spin. I questioned whether I should submit it or not. But I wanted to show that you CAN recover from the lowest point in your life. And move on.

  • Cecilia

    Congrats Karen! you are absolutely amazing. Such a profound story.

  • Simone

    Karen, you are such an inspiration. I am proud to have met you in person, and to say “I know her”. Without people like you, mental health clients would feel lost and alone, and definitely voiceless. Well done, and keep up the awesome work that you do! (from a person waiting on your books to be published)

  • Thanks Cecilia, for checking out my website and my TRUE story. When I look back now, so much Good Karma has come from that nightmarish experience.
    All to to make me stronger :))

  • Thanks Simone for your fabulous support and your following. Everything is moving in a positive direction for ME AND HER and for my other books.
    I must drop in to Toastmasters one day to say hello :))

  • Heather Golding

    That was quite profound Karen, well done! It takes a brave person to open up and speak about themselves; revealing personal things about themselves, especially when it concerns issues of mental health.

  • Congratulations on your book Karen and more so on your courage to share your story.

  • Hi Heather, I “came out” about my past mental illness almost 2 years ago now. But I still deliberated over submitting the first paragraph of the magazine story or not.
    The first two dramatic pages of my memoir can be found by using Search. Type ‘opening page’ & then ‘page 2’.

  • Thanks Kayleen,
    I hope my memoir can help many and open the community’s perception of the Journey into and out of mental illness.

  • Well done Karen, you have a fighting spirit.(In a good way that is)
    Love Dawn xx

  • Thanks Dawn,
    Yes, I do have a fighting spirit. I was determined to become well and stay well.
    Thanks for your friendship, Karen x

  • Fantastic, Karen.
    You should be extremely proud!

  • Thanks Alison, Yes I am. Proud that I’ve recovered and proud that I’m involved in community programs. :))

  • Marian

    Congratulations on having your story published. I am sure all your perserverance will pay off.

  • Thanks Marian, Lovely seeing you over here again. Hope you’re well.
    When Louise from Essentailly Me requested my biography, I couldn’t turn it down. Hope it leads to somewhere exciting 🙂

  • Karen, this is so exciting! You have so much to offer, to teach others. Congratulations and I hope the rest of your dreams come true!


  • Thanks Mandee, for dropping in to check out my website. Thanks for your encouraging words and awesome support on your eMag Memoir Daily. Hope to deliver MORE news in the future … KAREN :))

  • Art Antonious

    Well done Karen for being so proactive about mental health. You are true inspiration to other sufferers as you offer them hope and courage. I appreciate the fact that you took responsibility for your own recovery. Instead of falling into the victim role, you fought hard to beat it. You even turned your misfortune to something positive and go out of your way to selflessly help others. You certainly have been blessed with the gift of teaching and creative writing. I personally admire your courageous example and wish you all the best in the future with the publishing of your various writings.

  • Hi Art,
    I’m so glad that I met you via Linked-in.
    Thanks so much for your very kind and generous support. I’m very happy we can help each other … Karen 🙂

  • ela

    Karen, I really admire what you have done to not only help yourself but to help others, I think it is great that you are starting a writing program for people with mental health issues, that is so valuable,congratulations……You make a difference!

  • Hi Ela, Thanks so much for your very generous words of support.
    I’m very passionate about the life writing program and can’t wait to get it started.
    I wish you all the best with your writing, Karen 🙂

  • nyima gyalpo

    thats nice n touching story ,keep ahead and good luck

  • Thanks Nyima, I appreciate you reading my Mag story & commenting.
    hope you have a fab weekend.
    Karen 🙂

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