Launching my Case Study in Marketing for AUTHORS

cover_mfa_6x9_200SQUEEE! I don’t believe it! My KICK-ASS marketing case study is Out NOW. Its included in a Bonus Chapter: Case Studies of Authors Who Are Doing Great Marketing

Anita Revel, author of Marketing for Authors and 17 other books, invited me to contribute and co-promote her eBook on Book Marketing.

I’m honoured to have my case study alongside high profile authors such as John Birmingham, Joanna Penn, Steven Lewis, Carolyn Howard-Johnson, Simon Haynes, Anne Hill, Serene Conneeley and MORE. You all ROCK!

How did Anita find me?

Sonja Grosser, a mutual friend recommended me to her. I LOVE the Australian Writing Community!

What’s my Case Study about?

Anita wanted me to reveal my pro-active marketing tactics for my kids sci-fi novel, JOSH AND THE IT which gained attention from an International Publisher.
Last year I trialled JOSH AND THE IT, Book1 of the Super Space Kids series with a target audience. I rewrote JOSH AND THE IT, hot-wiring the storyline, the vocabulary and added a fervent voice to the main character, Josh.
In my case study, I reveal ALL this and MORE.

What will you Learn from Marketing for Authors?

•    How will you get the 10,000 customers for your book?

•    How will you get to number one on Amazon?

•    How on earth will you clear your spare room of all that stock?

•    How to Plan a Virtual Book Tour

•    What are the different options for re-formatting and presenting your book?

•    How to develop your own, tailored marketing plan

•    What’s your distribution model, online and offline?

•    10 Ways to Promote Your Book for Free

Where do you buy Marketing for AUTHORS? … on Amazon

Marketing for Authors is such an unbelievable opportunity for me, more far-reaching than I can visualize. I’m still pinching myself.

I’m dreaming BIG. It takes the same energy to dream BIG as to dream small.

So I’m injecting ALL my energy into PRACTICAL goals, to turn dreams into reality.

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