HOW to Beat Anxiety

Have you ever worried with unrelenting Fear and Distress? Has your heart pounded fast in your chest? So you couldn’t breathe?

Have you ever felt faint …shaky… sweaty…choking … or suffered from an upset stomach?

My Story

I, Karen Tyrrell, teacher recovered from post-traumatic stress disorder after parents at my school terrorized me until I […]

How to LIFT your Mood

Yesterday I experienced the most shocking BAD day!

Everything I planned turned terribly wrong! Anxiety gripped me after sending out press releases on ME & HIM: a Guide to Recovery. I feared what they would ask and what I’d divulge in their media interviews.

Why was I feeling so angsty?

Behind it all, I worried […]

My Brave LIFE Story Published in a Magazine

How I did I triumph over Bipolar Disorder? How did I change my life from a mental illness victim to a pro-active mental health advocate, speaker and author?

Louise Crossley, editor from e-magazine, Essentially Me requested my gritty life story to be disclosed in her Spring Edition, OUT TODAY. She wanted my personal snapshot […]