Mental Health Supports Me and Her: A Memoir Of Madness

Karen Tyrrell & Richard Nelson CEO QAMH

WOOHOO! The mental health community is embracing Me and Her: A memoir of Madness with loving arms. They’ve reached out with their generous support for my memoir as a healing tool and guide to wellness … Me and Her offers insight into mental illness and recovery, breaking down the barriers and stigma … I’m thrilled and in total gratitude for their overwhelming endorsement.

Richard Nelson, CEO of Queensland Alliance of Mental Health …

He spoke at my Black Cat book launch as a guest speaker, sharing his views on recovery using my honest memoir, Me and Her as example. Later he emailed his review.
‘In reading Karen’s story of courage and inspiration I consider I have been given a very special and personal gift.  Traveling through the story with Karen and her family has allowed me to understand the impact of mental illness and what the joy of recovery really means.’

Art Antonius, mental health advocate, leader of a mental health recovery group  

Art has supported Me and Her in every possible way…                                                                          
‘I am using Me and Her as inspiration for a mental health support group on the Central Coast of NSW as an example to take an active part in one’s own recovery. They are now starting a group in creative writing using their own personal story in dealing with life after being diagnosed with mental illness using Me and Her as an example.

I have recommended a sign in the book room “Karen Tyrrell creative writing group – stories of loss, grief, hope and recovery … Thanks so much, Karen for writing this awesome book and inspiring so many with positive hope.

Audrey Streetman, American mental health advocate, author of recovery memoir ‘The Well’

Audrey shared her enthusiastic review on Amazon …

Important and Courageous Book …Karen Tyrrell has made a significant contribution by telling her story of mental illness in her courageous memoir.

While our culture has made great strides in overcoming the stigma of this traumatic and devastating illness, there is still much to be done in educating the general public.

In brave and beautiful prose, Karen recounts her struggle with bi-polar — telling not only how she became ill, but also her desire to understand her illness and prevent a re-occurrence.’

Daniel G, Reviewer for MC Reviews, mental health activist shared his appraisal on Goodreads.

He recommends Me and Her for: People with bipolar disorder OR who know people with it

‘This reads like a fast-paced thriller as Karen Tyrrell leads you through the twists and turns of her journey with bipolar disorder. If you have bipolar or know someone who does, this is a must-read.’

At Amazon, Me and Her is listed as Nonfiction > Psychology & Counseling > Mental Illness 

AND as a HOT new release.  Readers have submitted #11 customer reviews, rating Me and Her with *5 Stars*. Can you believe that?
You can now read the first #20 pages on Amazon for FREE. Just click on this link HERE

I’m so thrilled with these latest REVIEWS I could burst!  🙂

NEVER did I think Me and Her would gain this acceptance! 🙂

What do you think of my  latest REVIEWS?

Which Review struck a Chord within  you?

Would you like to Read MORE of ME and HER?

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8 comments to Mental Health Supports Me and Her: A Memoir Of Madness

  • Art Antonious

    Thank you Kindly, Karen for including my review comments and attaching the RUOK? Logo!
    Congratulations on your outstanding achievements and in finally receiving the the true recognition by getting ‘Me and Her’ published. I guess the almost perfect score of 5 Stars on Amazon says it all! 🙂

  • Thanks so much Art, for dropping by with your awesome comment.
    I’ve had your review sitting in a file on my computer. Last night I received a FLASH about how to connect all the mental health REVIEWS together. I’m astounded how well ME & HER is doing on Amazon and being received by the general public. I’m feeling Gratitude :).


    Hey Karen; I still have not heard from you Re: recieving your book. If you did post the information; I have not recieved it.
    Congratulations on the fabulous reviews. I like it that Art is using it as a tool in his group. I would love to start reading your book; please let me know when I will recieve a copy.

    Smile and Shine.

  • Hi Garry,
    Thanks for all your support with the reviews. I already sent you a free e-copy of ME & HER.
    I’ll email you info with other options.
    Karen 🙂

  • Heather Golding

    Wow! The reviews are awesome Karen! Of course the one that stood out the most was the review by Art Antonious, as he has followed you throughout your entire journey, as many of us have of course. As I’ve said before Karen, be proud, be very proud with what you have written and eventually published ~ in your own right! Well done again and again! 🙂

  • Thanks Heather, I’ve had these reviews for a couple of weeks now. Last night I had a brainwave to put them all together in one BLOG. Art’s comment was a remark he made personally to me. I loved it so much … I asked permission to use it, saving it for the right time!!
    Tonight I’m smiling, knowing that I’m helping people:)

  • Art Antonious

    Keep smiling, Karen. The feedback I am constantly receiving on a regular basis is that of gratitude and appreciation for the help people gaining from reading “ME and HER” 🙂

  • Thanks Art for offering your feedback from the grassroots level. I’m happy to know that I’m helping people by providing Hope for recovery:)

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