How to LIFT your Mood

Yesterday I experienced the most shocking BAD day!

Everything I planned turned terribly wrong! Anxiety gripped me after sending out press releases on ME & HIM: a Guide to Recovery. I feared what they would ask and what I’d divulge in their media interviews.

Why was I feeling so angsty?

Behind it all, I worried myself sick over my elderly mum, whose health is deteriorating fast. My mind filled with negative catastrophic thoughts, imagining worse-case scenarios.

And I couldn’t stop fretting over my beloved husband Steve, and the strain he’s under being the HIM in my tell-all memoir, ME & HIM: a Guide to Recovery. Soon he’ll be under the SPOTLIGHT on personal disclosures he made in my psychiatrist’s office a year ago. We’re bracing when the S**T  hits the fan!

Fretful Worry. About mum. About Steve. About my two pending book launches with ME & HIM: a Guide to Recovery.


When ME & HER : a Memoir Of Madness came out in 2012, I suffered terrible angst on revealing my parent-teacher harssment and my mental illness history with the world.
This time’s different! It’s my darling Steve, my rock, my carer, my love … He’ll be the one under fire!

My stomach twisted and knotted. My hands and feet sweated & tingled. A sharp pain gripped my chest wrapping round to my back. I couldn’t breathe. My anxiety levels soared to an all-time HIGH!

Then I remembered indigestion brought on by stress can trigger severe chest pains … Miraculously, I PAUSED for a minute!

I knew what I had to do. I yanked on my joggers, heading outside for a brisk walk in the fresh air. As my lungs I filled with slow, deep breaths, my racing negative thoughts slowed down. I meditated, concentrating on the rhythm of my breath and my feet pounding the pathway.

I asked myself: HOW can I change my mood?

When I returned home I hugged my darling husband, Steve. Later we watched our favourite comedy program, The Graham Norton Show, the prefect way to relax and giggle before going off to sleep…
TODAY I’m reflecting on what went horribly wrong. HOW I can react differently next time?

How to Lift your Mood

1.    Exercise. Exercise. Exercise. Guaranteed to lift your mood.

2.    Do something different. Change your negative cycle. Change your scenery.

3.    Acknowledge what you’re feeling. Accept it, but detach from it.

4.    Suck in slow, deep breaths. Concentrate on the rhythm of your breath.

5.    Hug someone. We ALL need a hug every day.

6.    Infuse laughter and JOY into your day 🙂

7.    Be honest. Reflect on what you’re REALLY thinking, feeling, reacting. Peel away layers of your emotions to  reach the  truth of your pain.


Me and Him: a Guide to Recovery launches in 4 weeks!

Its brimming with strategies on how to lift your mood, how to beat depression, anxiety and panic attacks.

Click here to read the opening page.

Click here to attend my LOGAN launch.

Click here to attend my BRISBANE launch!  … Love to see you there 🙂

LOVE this  Healing Quote … Courtesy of Theresa Eve

‘ The wound is where the light enters you.’ ~Rumi

Sending out lots of healing HUGS. Hoping when we meet, we’ll SHARE hugs too 🙂

What did you think of my MOOD Lifting tips?

Were they helpful?

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4 comments to How to LIFT your Mood

  • Anne Vickery

    your a very brave and inspirational woman to put yours and your families life on show to add in the recovery of others 🙂 best wishes and much success with Me and Him 🙂

  • Thanks Anne, for your friendship and very kind words of support. I’m hoping ME & HIM will helps others on their recovery journey and open up discussions on mental health… Karen 🙂

  • Theresa Eve

    Completely agree with all these Karen, especially peeling back the layers and going straight to the wound and also humour … I love Graham Norton and his ‘naughty’ humour, nothing like someone who isn’t afraid to break the rules to give you the best giggle! Thought of another one that always helps me … listening to music, especially songs that mirror what you’re feeling but have an uplifting inspirational message and oh … dancing to move the energy!

  • Thanks Theresa for checking out my tips on HOW to lift your mood. YES! I agree music and dancing can do wonders for lifting the mood. Four weeks to go to my book launches. Hope you can make it to one of them…. Karen 🙂

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