Competition: Help me Choose a Character Name

A striking character’s NAME immediately conjures up an identifiable image, one the reader will always remember.

That name should suit the personality and age of the character as well as the era and genre of the story. Remember, a name is the first thing the reader will encounter in the story to help him identify with the character.

Many literary and movie characters have become everlasting brands in our culture— Atticus Finch, Winnie the Pooh, Harry Potter,  James Bond,  Bilbo Baggins and Scarlett O’Hara.

What are my *Top Tips* for choosing Character NAMES?

•    Pronounce the names. Do they roll off the tongue? So readers won’t skip over them.

•    Vary the sound of the character names in your story so they don’t start with the same letter, or rhyme with each other, or have the same ending. Ensure you have a colourful character roster, keeping the names straight in the reader’s mind.

•    Reflect on the age of the readers you are targeting, to make the names more appealing.

•    Match the name to your character’s personality … conservative, trendy, hippy?

•    Consider the character’s appearance. If it is striking or distinctive, you may want a name that is portrays the same image. If the character has black hair, perhaps you could name him Raven? If she has blue eyes, is her name Crystal?

•    Combine two common names to make a less common, but pronounceable name. Example: Donica (Donna and Veronica).

•    Discover fabulous names from the phone book, movie credits, soap operas, do a Google search for “baby names” or “random name generator”,

angry-woman1<<<Can you PLEASE help me name Josie’s side-kick in SAYONARA?

My two alter egos, Josie Roberts (the forensic student) and her best friend investigate YUMI’s disappearance from the streets of Brisbane.

<<< SAYONARA’s kick-ass side-kick is a young waitress who dreams of becoming a private detective. She has spiked jet black hair, a nose ring, a barbed-wire tattoo around her bicep and wears a black Wolfmother T-shirt. She’s impulsive and unconventional.

<<< COMPETITION … Enter the challenge …
Give Josie’s side-kick a NEW edgy name.
Perhaps a short, sharp, one syllable name … OR something else.

In the comment boxes below, register the NEW name and your country.
The BEST name will appear in the crime faction novel, SAYONARA when its published.
The TOP #5 names will receive a signed SAYONARA postcard.

Good luck!! ...Winners will be announced here next week.

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