I’m flabbergasted by the amount of entries, flooded in from around the world, begging to have their chosen name engraved forever in SAYONARA, my crime faction novel.

Names suggestions for Josie’s side-kick range from Japanese and Syrian warriors, to crime sleuths, kiss-ass women and modern edgy  names.

I congratulate  you all for your enthusiasm, creativity and originality.

I’m announcing the #5 runners up …

Sandra Temple with ECHO
Willsin Rowe with KATANA
Ruby with JET
Leah Rath with CALLIE
Sonja  Grosser with KYANJA

*DRUMROLL* > > >

> > > And the winner is Meredith Anderson with her powerful name, RAYNE  … Congratulations.
The name RAYNE will appear in SAYONARA, as Josie’s kick-ass off-sider.

This week I’ll be emailing the winner and the runners up, requesting their address so I can post their congratulatory SAYONARA postcards.
Thanks so much for your interest and support in SAYONARA, based on my personal story.

PS I’ll be announcing a Give Way this Wednesday for #3 FREE Books. Please watch out for it.

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6 comments to COMPETITION RESULTS– Winner of SAYONARA’s Competition

  • Joanna Gaudry

    Excellent choice, Karen. I love the name Rayne. Joanna :))

  • leah rath

    congratulations Meredith Anderson for coming up with the winning name..RAYNE…well done 🙂

  • Thanks Joanna, I loved so many of the names. So I asked each member of my family to chose their favourite name. Each of them chose RAYNE. :))

  • Thanks Leah for being a fabulous runner up and submitting a host of names :))

  • Elisabeth Anthony

    Great choice Karen, congrats Meredith.

  • Thanks Elisabeth.
    I love Meredith’s choice, Rayne too. Now to find a deserving surname to go with it. Thanks so much for your suggestion and support of Sayonara :))

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