NURTURE WRITER –How to Nurture the Writer Within

After completing #3 novels and a memoir back-to-back over the last two years, I’m embracing time out to pause, reflect and nurture the writer within.

My previous self-sacrificing schedule consisted of writing eight hours plus per day, finishing one book then beginning the next …

>Plotting and planning. >Writing. >Rewriting. >Redrafting times ten. >Tweaking and […]

SYNOPSIS–How to write a KILLER Synopsis

Today I finalized a KILLER synopsis for my crime novel, SAYONARA guaranteed to get attention from editors, agents or publishers. The synopsis is the most crucial part of my submission package and needs to be developed, sweated over and polished with the same attention as to my novel. The synopsis is the sequential summary […]


I’m flabbergasted by the amount of entries, flooded in from around the world, begging to have their chosen name engraved forever in SAYONARA, my crime faction novel.

Names suggestions for Josie’s side-kick range from Japanese and Syrian warriors, to crime sleuths, kiss-ass women and modern edgy names.

I congratulate you all for your enthusiasm, […]

Competition: Help me Choose a Character Name

A striking character’s NAME immediately conjures up an identifiable image, one the reader will always remember.

That name should suit the personality and age of the character as well as the era and genre of the story. Remember, a name is the first thing the reader will encounter in the story to help him identify […]

Running Leap

I’m teetering on the precipice of Publishing, toes jutting over the edge. I gaze down at the deep abyss of failure and defeat. And stare over to the other side … the Mystical Land of Publishing.

All I need is a running leap.

My heart is pounding with exhilaration and uncertainty. I battle with the […]

My New Focus

Last week, someone-in-the-know requested a Meeting with me. My curiousity peaked and I travelled into Brisbane, full of anticipation.

After a chat, Ms X advised me on How to Get Published. She commented on how I’d split myself three ways … publicizing 3 books/ 3 completely different genres,/dividing my attentions 3 ways.

‘Which of […]

Hello Sayonara

I’ve almost completed my Crime Novel, Sayonara … It’s a gripping tale based on a personal story! A few years ago, Yumi, our beloved Japanese exchange student vanished from Brisbane without a trace. Sayonara explores the ensuing police investigation although I’ve woven in new fictitious scenes and characters straight from my imagination. … Will you […]

Ask Away

Queensland Writers Centre invited me on their BLOG TOUR. WOOHOO! I’m answering their questions and yours too. Where do your words come from? My memoir, ‘Me and Her: a Memoir of Madness’ is based on my own experiences and journals I kept. It’s about a stressful time in my life when I became Manic. A […]


I refuse to play the Waiting Game! … Not me!

I’m a girl of ACTION. A regular GI Jane … or GI Kaz.

Me and Her # 2 is bursting at the seams to be Published and to be on your bookshelf.

A Publisher has my New Improved Version and I’m awaiting their decision […]