How to be Media Savvy

I’m learning fast how to be Media Savvy and secure the best coverage for an Event.
I’m promoting Logan Writers Week 11th to 16th October as widely as I can, utilizing FREE services

Local newspapers, local radio, eNewsletters and FREE websites.

Here’s my #7  Hot Tips in getting the word out about your Event.
•    Research free services … google and network. Secure phone numbers and emails.

•    Create a facebook page for your Event. Update daily.
Send out facebook Event invitations.

•    Speak directly to the head honcho of each media outlet on the telephone. Emails can be ignored.

•    Speak up about your Event and how important it’s for the community.
…’You’d be crazy not to run this coverage pitch’. Please don’t say that directly to the media contact … just imply it.

•    Hit ‘em with the best hooks you can. EG … How your Event is  putting your city on the map … The huge benefit  the public will get … Special speakers … Backed by such n such sponsors (Helps with perception).

•    For phone interviews …  Be prepared. Print out dates, names and places ready for on-the-spot answers.

•    I’m advertising this writing festival throughout Brisbane and Logan, using FREE local government websites.

Check out the full program on Logan Libraries website

Logan City Council events … Scroll down.

Our Brisbane event site

A double module display ad for Logan Writers Week will appear on page 12 of the Albert & Logan  News on 6th October. I paid community service rates, saving 30%.

Two newspaper stories and photos will be published on Wednesday the 6th October, in the Albert & Logan News and The Reporter.

A special thanks to Anthony Puttee, illustrator of Dream Raider, for mentoring me on Media Know-How.

As the links come through on the News Stories, I will post them here.


Just received news … Logan radio station FM 101.1 will interview me LIVE TO AIR at 11.30 am on Tuesday 5/10 EST via a phone interview.
Gulp! … Do I have the guts to mention the name of my book ME AND HER: a Memoir of Madness ?

Please  support me and tune in.

This AD will be printed on 6/10 in ALbert & Logan News. Page 12

This AD will be printed on 6/10 in Albert & Logan News. Page 12

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15 comments to How to be Media Savvy

  • Jane

    Hi Karen, Congrats. You’ve done really well to score the radio interview. I’ll do my best to listen in. Have a fabulous week!

  • Thanks Jane, I appreciate it. Remember its 11.30 Brisbane EST time not daylight saving time. I’ll post you those newspaper clippings…Thanks Karen :))

  • Louise

    Good luck tomorrow, Karen 🙂 .. by the way, you wrote your interview date as Tuesday 6/10 (but tomorrow’s only the 5th) 😀

  • Thanks so much Louise. Thanks for the picking up the incorrect date … all fixed now. I’m exhausted. I’ll sleep well tonight. Karen 🙂

  • Patty

    Ask the Producer BEFORE you go into interview for a copy of the mp3. Then you can upload it to a podcast and flog the link around. Good luck, you’ll be great.

  • Karen, your dedication and enthusiasm is an inspiration. Logan Writers Week is assured of success thanks to your efforts. Congratulations … Peter.

  • Thanks Patty for that great tip, Thats something I would never have thought of. We have a chat for 5 minutes before we go to air. I’ll ask him then…Karen :))

  • Thanks Peter. I’m injecting as much energy into this as I can. I want Logan writers week to be a success. Thanks so much for supporting me and this event :))

  • “You’d be stupid not to run this coverage pitch”


    I work in publicity and I advise AGAINST this tip. Why insult the person whose assistance you’re requesting? Sure you’ll be memorable… but for all the wrong reasons.

  • Thank you Jordan for your comment. I’ve never used that pitch myself. I didn’t mean it in a literal sense, more of a tongue-in-cheek expression.
    Upon reflection, I will rephrase that comment for better clarification. Many thanks for pointing that out to me. I have much respect for Harper Collins … Karen :))

  • Hi Jordan, I’ve just changed that Tip. Hope you like it now … Many Thanks again … Karen :))

  • Joanna Gaudry

    Well done in putting Logan Writers Week together, Karen. I’ll see you at some of the events next week.
    Joanna :))

  • Thanks Joanna. The best thing about Logan Writers Week is that I’ll meet new friends and catch up with old friends, like you. See you there :))

  • Lexie Mitchell

    Thanks for all those great tips Karen.

  • Thanks Lexie. Its always lovely to find you here on my website. Hope the tips are helpful for you. Karen :))

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