Panel of Crime Writers

Logan City Writers are taking on the world … word by word.
Next Saturday four Logan Crime Writers will chat on a panel about their inspiration in writing their latest Crime Stories and divulge their secrets on sleuthing.

Four diverse writers will thrill you with their unique way of serving up crime …

Karen Tyrell, Jan Mills, Kev Webb, Maggie Anderson

Panel of Crime Writers ... Karen Tyrrell, Jan Mills, Kev Webb and Maggie Anderson

Maggie Anderson carves up dark, blood-curdling Paranormal Crime in her novel Dark Legacy …

Kev Webb cleverly blends Science Fiction with Crime in his original novel Body Jump

Jan Mills invents crime Short Stories to tantalise the reader … PerfectPast Transgressions and Wheels of Fortune.

A few years ago, our Japanese exchange student, Yumi vanished from Brisbane. Sadly true.
I was compelled to write Sayonara, my Crime Faction story to make sense of what happened. I fictionalized the story adding main characters Josie, the forensic student and Detective Brad Myers who investigate Yumi’s disappearance.

To find out more … please come along to Logan Hyperdome Library this coming Saturday, 2nd October at 9.30 am  Please book 3412 4120 … FREE Coffee and Tea … FREE giveaways.

~ This Saturday … a whole lot of Sleuthing’s going on. ~

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10 comments to Panel of Crime Writers

  • Jane

    Hi Karen,
    Sounds like a great line up of Crime Writers with a twist!
    What a great opportunity for all of you. Wish you every success.

  • Thanks Jane, we’ve got such a diverse group of writers, all with different stories, different inspirations. Question time will be POPing !!

  • Fantastic effort and amazing energy to get this off the ground. I’m sure it will be a huge success. I’m telling all my friends about it.

    Don’t forget to take heaps of photos…..

    take care,

  • Thanks very much Kay for saying that. This panel actually pre-dates Logan Writers Week by one week. And it was just a “coincidence” how the timing fell into place.
    Yes, I will take lots of photos … Karen :))

  • Brenda Peupelmann

    Divine intervention comes in all forms and guises – it is the substance that we dream of, and treasure most when it happens, in the wake of endless hours of untold toil and labour we are so generously honoured. So bathe in the fruition as your visions are being realised. Such an enormous feat Karen. Well done my friend. Brenda 🙂

  • Thanks Brenda, What beautiful words and sentiment you express. Yes, I do feel so lucky to be where I am now, living the writers dream … Karen :))

  • Katy

    Crime “faction”? What, is your book about an organized group of criminals? (If you didn’t understand that, I suggest you look up the word “faction” in the dictionary. Then, look up the word “fiction”. I think the latter is the one you want.)

  • Dear Katy, Were you in the audience at the Crime Panel this morning? Yes I do know what Crime Faction is in the literal sense. But many crime writers like myself use the word Crime Faction as a blend between Fact and Fiction as colloquial English. Everyone understands what it means and accepts it. I know a lot of crime writers and you are the very first to criticize this usage. Do you write crime? Whats your website please? Love to know more about you. Cheers, Karen :))

  • Andrew

    It was wonderful to hear four such talented authors speak. You are all such lovely welcoming people. A special mention goes to Jan who sought ME out for a chat. Looking forward to Logan Writer’s Week!

  • Hi Andrew, So glad you dropped by with your very kind comments. Would you like me to put you on the contact list for Logan city writers? I’ll see you soon at Logan writers week. Don’t forget to join the facebook page … Karen :))

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