Stress Less in Mental Health Week

Woohoo! Today is 10.10.10 and World Mental Health day.
Life’s challenging … We all lead stressful lives … It’s time to take positive steps to Stress Less.

How can we reduce our stress?  … My Top # 5 Tips
•    Infuse laughter into your life … Laugh out loud
•    Breathe slowly and deeply to calm yourself
•    Belong to a Community … family, friends and neighbours
•    Unplug your mobile, TV, computer and phone … Chill
•    Participate in a hobby you love

Tomorrow I’m launching Logan Writers Week in Brisbane
part of Queensland Writers Week
which extraordinarily synchronizes with Mental Health Week.

I support Mental Health Association Queensland and they kindly support me too.
They’ve generously advertised Logan Writers Week on their Events calendar for Mental Health Week

Writing ME AND HER: a Memoir of Madness saved me, and was cathartic in my recovery from Bipolar Disorder.
Writing is my obsessive passion, a way to express myself and channel my angst and stress.

How do YOU manage Stress?

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12 comments to Stress Less in Mental Health Week

  • Phil

    Congrats Karen on writing this piece on Stress. We all need to be reminded to take time out, during mental health week or any other week. Phil.

  • Thanks Phil. I wrote this Blog to remind myself about my stress levels. As I launch Logan writers week, I need to be more vigilant of my health …Karen:))

  • I love your five tips, Karen! Health is paramount 🙂 I manage stress by journal writing.

  • Thanks Carol, Glad you like my five tips. Mental health is as important as physical health. Long term stress can lead to all kinds of illness. You’re right, Journal writing is a wonderful way to express your emotions and release your pent-up stress. Karen :))

  • Joanna Gajudry

    Love your tips, Karen. I think it’s important to have quiet time when you’re feeling stressed. Take time for yourself to walk, exercise, be healthy, listen to relaxing music, read, spend time daydreaming. Take time for a long soak in a bubble bath. It’s important to spend time on yourself and to re-energise in whatever way works for you. Totally agree about the need to laugh, Karen. Too much emphasis in the world on seriousness and rushing around. It’s all an illusion. Take control of your own life. I’ll live how I want to, not how the world and media dictate the pace I should live at. Don’t let others’ expectations pressure you. Live to your own beat. I’ve also given up TV. I don’t own one now. Not listening to the news has been great for avoiding the daily doom and gloom messages that permeate the media. Joanna :))

  • Good tips Stress magnifies all the other issues we have

  • Thanks Joanna,
    I love your tips too especially about finding a Quiet Time … time to relax and reflect. Its essential to slow down the rush that is happening around you …Looking forward to catching up this week. Karen :))

  • Thanks Karen for dropping by. I agree with you 100%. When our stressed is managed, we’re able to deal with our problems and issues. Karen :))

  • Brenda Peupelmann

    So sorry Karen, my previous input, input in a hurry, so stress less….yes…it was meant for the writers week. So sorry about that. Have to run now – off to the hyperdome for 9.30am – bfn brenda 🙂

  • Hi Brenda, Your comment went to Logan writers week. Yes, I’m breathing slowly and calmly this morning. See you at 9.30. Karen xx

  • Hi Karen,
    Great tips for stress especially unplugging the technology (she says as she taps away on the PC). I find I sometimes need to stop all the info coming in to just chill and let my mind wander – I’ve found it the best way to get writing ideas flowing.

  • Thanks Vicki for dropping by. As writers we need that quiet space to let those creative ideas roll in without pressure. Happy writing Karen :))

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